Top 10 Holiday Safety Tips

Top 10 Holiday Safety Tips

Holidays around the world is commonly enjoyed and participated in different holiday events. You should be careful around holidays because theft and accidents are common in this time and these top 10 holiday safety tips will keep you safe from most accidents and incidents.


There are a lot of things on your to-do list to be safe but please make sure you include all the top 10 holiday safety tips listed here because these tips are highly researched and well proven and if you can get experts suggestions they will all include these 10 tips along with many more.

10 Must Follow Holiday Safety Tips

1. Use Secured Home Security Systems

EHS Today suggested that you should take extra precaution for thieves and burglars around the holidays because there are higher rates of crimes, stealing and burgling in houses around holidays. You should install upgraded and powerful home security systems on your house along with CC cameras.

2. Lights On

Keep your home indoor lights on if you are going out in the evening as Blooming Tonmn discussed. So, set auto timer for indoor lights so that others think you are at home and if someone gets into the house others can look from outside to give a call to 911.

3. Keep Your Power Cords and Surge Protectors Safe from Overload

While decorating the house and trees around the house, you should make sure that the power cords and surge protectors are well kept safe from overheating and overload according to the Hays + Sons. Make sure to use well insulated power cables and cords and don’t use extra powers than the cords and cables can handle.

4. CO and CO2 Detectors

Keep the CO and CO2 detectors on to get the exact CO and CO2 limits on your house as EOC explained. CO or carbon mono-oxide doesn’t have color, smell or any detecting options by human so you will solely depend on your CO detectors.

5. Beware of Candles

According to some proven researches, more than 30% fire during holidays cause by candles, and the Action Air suggested to use battery operated candles instead of fire lighten candles. It may be costlier than regular candles but it will decrease fire occurring rates.

6. Ask Neighbors to Look after Your House

If you travel to your friends and families or other places, make sure to ask your trusted friend or neighbor to periodically check your house while you are traveling for a few days. If something happens to your house or someone breaks into the house, ask them to notify the police immediately. You may visit long or short distance but please pack your travel equipment. While traveling long distances like mountain ranges, remote cities or peaceful cities or in remote areas like forests or jungles, always follow the traveling guideline.


7. Don’t Keep Valuables Close to the Windows

Windows are the common breaking point of a house, so don’t keep your valuables close to the windows. Use safe places to keep your valuables during the holidays and while you sleep at night.

8. Keep TV On

While going out at night, keep the drawing room TV and lights on. Burglars or thieves will think that some is at home and they will think twice before breaking into the house.

9. Check Your Fire Places and Furnaces

Getting a fire place or furnace repair service in the holidays is tough so regularly check those things. If you think some repairs or replaces needed, make sure to do these before the holidays begun.

10. Cooking Safety

In holidays, you will make a lot foods regularly for guests so keep safe cookware and whenever you are cooking always stay at the kitchen. Irregular kitchen times may cause fire within the kitchen or created bad foods for you so whenever you leave kitchen make sure all cooktops are stopped and all cooking gadgets like tea maker or coffee maker are disconnected from electricity.

These are the top 10 holiday safety tips list, but don’t think these are everything you need to follow because there are many more things to do according to your home, garden, area other factors. You should follow these tips and also make other arrangements as you see fit to keep you and your family along with your house to be safe in the holidays.