Top 10 Jewellery Styles That Every Girl Should Try

Jewelleries are every girl’s best friend. There are so many styles of jewelleries available that it often gets confusing to choose the right jewellery to complement your look. From diamond nose ring to layered chains, there are so many different styles and varieties of jewelleries available.

List of top 10 jewellery trend

If you love to wear jewelleries then you must take a look at this list to know about the jewellery styles that are in fashion this summer.

1. Heavy hoops

Heavy hoops are always in fashion. It seems like it will forever be in trend. Wearing heavy hoops can enhance your whole face. These hoops are bulkier in shape and draws a lot of attention.

2. Layered chains

Who doesn’t love to wear neckpieces? Layered chains, these days, are quite trending and they look absolutely cool when you team them up with your western outfit. You can get both gold and silver layered chains on the market.

3. Coloured enamel

The trend of wearing coloured enamel is catching up quite fast. The playful, vibrant colours make you look absolutely stunning. If you are planning to wear coloured enamel make sure that you choose the one that matches with your dress.

4. Nose pins

Nose pins are quite common and this is a trend that will never go out in fashion. Girls love to wear different types of nose pins. The good thing about nose pins is that you can wear it both with a western or a traditional outfit. If you want you can check the latest nose pin design online.

5. Linked-in chains

Another style of chains that are quite in fashion is linked-in chains. The thicker your linked-in chain is, the more fashionable you look. You can also get these chains in a variety of colours.

6. Spare change jewellery

From neckpieces to earrings, the spare change design is once again taking over the whole market. This type of jewellery not only looks cool but they also make you look fashionable.

7. Celestial jewellery

Celestial jewelleries look absolutely stunning. You can wear this jewellery with any type of attire you want. From necklaces to earrings, you can get all variety of fancy celestial jewelleries out there.

8. Lucky charms bracelets

Another trend that is seen rising is the use of lucky charms in your bracelet. There are bracelets that already comes with the charm. If you want you can even choose the charms you want in your bracelet.

9. Flower earrings

Flower power is showing great strength this season. From models to college going girls, every one of them is busy flaunting their flower earrings. You can get these earrings in all shapes and size. Thus, you have a lot of options to choose from.

10. Body jewellery

Lastly, we have body jewelleries which are quite popular among young girls. You can accessories your attire in many ways using these body jewelleries.

So these are 10 of the jewellery styles that are in trend this season. Style your attire with these fashion jewelleries and flaunt them to others.

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