Top 10 Largemouth Bass Fishing Tips

10 Best Largemouth Bass Fishing Tips

Catching big largemouth bass is easy for professional anglers but if you or I try we can’t catch any with a lot of efforts. So, what is the secret for catching big bass? We asked some professional anglers and they came up with many useful tips and suggestions for beginner anglers. We listen all of them and come up with this Top 10 Largemouth Bass Fishing Tips list.


10 Best Largemouth Bass Fishing Tips

Each pro angler has their own secret tips and moves and they share all of them with us. These top 10 tips for largemouth bass fishing is the combination of all their secrets. Though, after reading the tips list, you might think you know all these but never implemented seriously. If you follow and implement these tips while fishing surely your largemouth bass fishing rate will increase exponentially. All these tips for largemouth bass fishing only, for smallmouth bass, read our top 10 smallmouth bass fishing tips list.

1. Don’t Destroy Torn Worms

While fishing, sometimes the worm baits can get torn up but don’t destroy them, use them again sometimes later because largemouth bass likes to hunt on shredded or wounded prey and a torn up worm is better bait for catching bass than a new worm.

2. Use Red Colored Bait

Bass likes to hunt injured prey, and red colored bait means injured with blood flowing. So, if you use red colored spinner bait or red hook crank bait then you will have better opportunity to catch a bass.

3. Change the Bait Direction

While casting the bait to the water, stop midway so the bait will be a few feet short of its direction and it will move under the dock or other places where regular bait casting is impossible or hard to get.

4. Sharpening the Hook

Always sharpen the hook after catching a bass. For this keep a sharpener for specific hook sharpening. Bass has boney and hard jaws so sharpening may take some time but will increase more fishing chances.


5. Check the Livewell

When putting a caught bass into the livewell, the bass will spit up all they have eaten recently. So, if you can keep a close look into the livewell water, you can find what they have eaten recently and the color of that, and you can adjust your bass fishing lures and baits accordingly.

Top 10 Largemouth Bass Fishing Tips

6. Always Face the Wind Direction

Though facing with the wind will decrease the bait casting direction but it will make sure that the bass will find the bait first before the boat because bass always move with the current. You may get away from your preferred position but it will increase your bass fishing chances.

7. Fish in Swallow Water in Spring

If you are fishing bass in a lake, in Spring time, make sure to position your boat in the swallow area of the lake. Because, in Spring, Bass will come for spawning in the swallow water where the temperature is high than deep water and spawning bass will take more bait than others.


8. Use Different Types of Bait in Different Season

Bass usually eat different types of foods in different times of a year. In fall and summer, they use to eat shad so use silver or chrome colored bait that time is better. But, in spring, bass eats crawfish a lot so use peach colored bait and lures for bass fishing at that time.

9. Fish with Strong Wind

When a storm is coming and heavy cloud is on the lake, bass will be moving a lot and search for food to eat. In the strong wind keep your head cool and use all your fishing rods with large lures and baits into the water. You will catch a lot of largemouth bass before the sky will be clear.

10. Use Different Types of Baits

The last item of our Top 10 Largemouth Bass Fishing Tips is using different types of baits with different angles. You have to be patient with fishing. You may need to throw different types of bass lures and baits in the same area with different angles to make the bass upset to bite the bait. Sometimes, you may have to cast the bait hundred times to catch the largemouth brutish bass.