Top 10 Largest Brothels in the World

Top 10 Largest Brothels in the World

Largest Brothels in the World


Prostitution is a very old profession. It is a way to earn through entertaining male. Because of this tradition now in the world there are so many brothels around the world. All of them are not equally large. These are the Top 10 Largest Brothels in the World. Let’s see which brothels are in the best position in these Top 10 Largest Brothels in the World.

1. Tiffany

Tiffany is the largest brothel in the world which is located at Sydney in Australia. In Sydney where brothels seem to spread like wildfire, Tiffany’s take cake. It has the largest selection of girls and five terraces set in a peaceful area of the countryside. It is completely red like a Freudian dream. Tiffany is a sophisticated joint with themed rooms, crafted for a more exotic experience. Australia’s largest brothel Tiffany is also in the 1st position of these Top 10 Largest Brothels in the world.

2. The Bunny Ranch

The Bunny Ranch is the America’s largest brothel is in the 2nd position of these Top 10 largest Brothels in the World. This brothel is located at Carson City, Nevada in USA. If anyone wants to test the life, should go in Bunny Ranch. The Bunny Ranch is a connected set of trailers full of XXX-looking bombshells. Here sex is more about fantasy and role-pay than it is about penetration.

3. The Relax Nightclub

The Relax Nightclub is located at Hamburg in Germany. This night club might just charm the pants off you. Upon entering the lavish nightclub, the German vixens work like Geisha to put you in the right mood to have fun. Like a masquerade ball, you will greeted by many girls wearing masks and lingerie. The Relax manner is a classical and erotic approach to sex that delays gratification in favor of anticipation. This German night club come brothel is in the 3rd position of these Top 10 Largest Brothels in the world.

4. Centaurs

Centaurs is the most famous and largest Brazilian brothel in the 4th position of these Top 10 Largest Brothels in the world. Brazil is one of those exotic lands where the women all seem voluptuous, with tight bodies and beautifully tanned bunds.  In Brazil, brothels are called termas, Centaurs is the place and the women are mind-blowing. As you enter the initial cost is $210 for 40 minutes to get a woman. If you’ve never kissed a Brazilian, centaurs will pop your Latino Cherry.

5. FKK Oase

FKK Oase is a famous brothel in Germany located at Frankfurt. It is located in the woods and not far from Frankfurt. For its decoration and architecture it, it has gone Greek, relying on abundant columns, pillars and Venus statues to make you feel like Ajax returning from battle. As you walk through the halls, the naked reflections of copious female bodies bounce off the floor-to-ceiling mirrors. For its various attraction and size it is in the 5th position of these Top 10 Largest Brothels in the World.

6. The Brends Sauna Club

This club is also in Germany. The website of this club has a philosophy, it proclaims itself the “Mutter aller Clubs” or “The mother of all clubs”. In other words, if you drive out to Schieferhof, you might crystallize the seldom-realized dream of making it with your dream MILF. However the club more of a house and the best time to visit might be in summer. It is in the 6th position of these Top 10 Largest Brothels in the World.

7. The Nana Entertainment

The Nana Entertainment Plaza in downtown Bangkok is an immense of iniquity. A four-floor compound with over 40 bars, Nana stands at the apex of the Thailand’s nightlife insanity. Most of the bars here are go-go bars where girls dance in various stages of undress. Unlike the formal brothel experience, however, men must negotiate with the female workers based on their mutual interest in sex and money. The Nana is in the 7th position of these Top 10 Largest Brothels in the World.

8. FKK World

In the 8th position of these Top 10 Largest Brothels in the world is the FKK World. It is located at Frankfurt in Germany. It is actually a house in the German forest, 25 miles from Frankfurt. Like many German brothels it also made for American tourists and tastes. There is an indoor and outdoor area with pools, a sauna, an erotic cinema and a sports bar just in case it’s super Bowl. It is famous for celebrating any occasion like Halloween.

9. Sydney

This Brothel is located in Australia at Sydney. The site of modern club with a healthy diversity of female types that will carter to the fantasy girl you lust after. If you want “Black African Glamour”, “Wild and Raunchy Brunette” or “Hot and Sassie Blond Aussie” the site can fuel your desire. The prices are typical $150 for half hour and $270 for one hour. Here sex is primary and perhaps a little gritty. It is in the 9th position of these Top 10 Largest Brothels in the World.

10. Big Sister

Big Sister is a Czech brothel. It is the largest brothel of this country and tenth largest in the world. By definition, not to mention tradition, a brothel is a place where you pay for sex. Like the cheapest brand of internet porn, Big Sister is free. There’s a catch, of course. After finishing your private act, Big Sister shows you to the world –on cable TV. It is in the 10th position of these Top 10 Largest Brothels in the World.