Top 10 Largest Deserts in the World


Largest Deserts in the World

Nature is very attractive to all people. Because it has many surprising things which make us surprise in every moment. Desert is one of them. This time we discuss about Top 10 Largest Deserts in the World. People who don’t live in desert are interested about these deserts. This post is for them. Here is the Top 10 largest desert in the world.

1. Antarctic: Antarctica is not only a desert but also fifth largest continent of the world. This desert is situated in the south pole of world. About 98% of this is covered with ice. It is the coldest, driest and windiest desert. Its total area is approximately 1400000 square km.

2. Arctic: Arctic is a desert of long, cold winter and short, cool summers. It is also situated in the north pole of the world; in fact it is a part of Antarctica desert. Its temperatures can drop -40 to 0 C. Its area is about 13,726,937 square km.

3. Sahara: In Arabic “Sahara” means “The Great Desert”. It is world’s hottest desert. It is situated in the North Africa. It is so large as China or the USA. It is by the side of Red Sea. The size of Sahara is about 9,400,000 square km.

4. The Arabian Desert: The Arabian Desert is situated in western Asia. It covers the portion of Yemen, Persian Gulf, Oman, Jordan and Iraq. Its area is 2,330,000 square km. Its temperature is extremely dry at the day and at the night it is freezing.

5. The Gobi: Gobi is the largest desert in Asia and. It covers northern and northwestern China and southern Mongolia. This desert is bounded by the Altai Mountains. Its total area is about 1, 30,000 square km.

6. The Kalahari Desert: The Kalahari Desert is in the southern Africa. It covers Namibia, South Africa, Angola, Zambia and Zimbabwe. This desert contains the Savannah which is a great support for the African animals. Its area is about 900,000 square km.

7. The Patagonian Desert: Patagonia desert is the largest desert in Argentina. The maximum portion of this desert is in the Argentina and small parts in the Chile. It is also bounded by the Andes. Its total area is 673,000 square km.

8. The Great Victoria: The Great Victoria is the largest desert in Australia. It is situated in Western Australia. It is over 700 km wide and it covers 424,400 square km. The temperature of this desert rise 18 to 40 °C.

9. The Syrian Desert: The Syrian Desert is also known as Syro-Arabian desert. It is the portion of covered Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Turkey and Saudi-Arabia. The desert has a remarkable landscape by the flowing lava from Jebel Druze. Its total area is 200,000 square km.

10. The Great Basin Desert: This desert is in the U.S.  It is bordered by the Sierra Nevada Range on the West and the Rocky Mountains on the east. So, it is the largest desert of U.S. It covers 190,000 square km.