Top 10 Lawn Mower Care Tips

Best Lawn Mower Care Tips

A lawn mower is an expensive machine to cut lawn. lawn mower maintenance is also expensive so if you know how to maintain the lawn mower then that will save you a lot of money and time too. There are different types of lawn mower, some are fully automatic and you can drive the power mower. As motor mower, it will require a power source like gas or electricity. Choose any power mower you like but these of mowers are costly too to buy or maintaining. The other type is manual lawn mower.

I use my lawn mower to mow my yard and mow my grass using my allpower mower. You must learn how to use your lawn mower before using it otherwise you will end being hurt or destroying your lawn or destroying the mower. While moving lawn mower, make sure lawn mower cutting grasses to have better lawns. First check on lawn mower places and check the lawn mowed and if everything OK then continue to cut lawn until your complete mower of the lawn.


There are many lawn mower brands on the market and people usually choose red lawn mower brands because red has become a brand color for lawn mower. Use the user manual for lawn mower troubleshooting if any problem occurs but make sure to completely reading and understanding the user manual before using the mower. You can mower the lawn when you have complete grasp of the machine operating manual. You also check on internet to buy second hand grass cutter for sale but it’s always better to buy brand new lawn mower. The lawn mower care tips below will help you better understanding the machine and will also save you a lot of lawn mower maintenance cost.

  1. User Manual Reading: After buying a lawn mower, the first you have to do is reading the user manual or owner manual completely. Before using the mower, you must make sure that you understand every bit of the information the manual provides.
  2. Empty the Gas Tank: When warm weather ends and winter begins, it will be the time to send the mower in the storage. But before you do that make sure the gas tank is empty and when the spring start use fresh gas to start your mower.
  3. Undercarriage Cleaning: Regularly check the undercarriage and clean it. There will always be some grass attached on it so clean it every time you use the mower.
  4. Oil Checking: Check the oil regularly and if you find any change in the oil color, or if your machine making extra noise from the motor, then change the oil. When the oil color becomes darker then it means the oil loses its effectiveness and you should change the oil.
  5. Spark Plug: Changing the spark plug is easy and its price is low too. To change a spark plug, if you hire an expert then it will cost you around $50 but if you do it yourself then the cost will be below $5 only. Change the spark plug start of the season so your mower will start easily too.
  6. Air Filter: You should change the lawn mower air filter every year because an old air filter can produce extra noise and low level of mowed done and it will also cost extra oil. Air filters are cheap and changing air filter is easy too. You can do it yourself to save some bucks.
  7. Professional Help: Whenever your lawn mower has serious engine trouble or something off with cutting the lawn, have some professional’s help to tune your machine. We can do a lot change to our allpower mowers but we can’t do everything with it. So, having professional help when needed is a good decision.
  8. Blade Sharpening: The lawn mower blades need regular sharpening. Every time you use the lawn mower to mow the lawn, sharpen the blades before that. If you read the manual clearly then you know how to sharpen the blades and it will save you some bucks too.
  9. Fuel Filter Replacement: Replace the fuel filter whenever you see changes in the behavior of your lawn mower engine. Fuel filter easily attract dust in it so you must check the fuel filter regularly and if you see anything wrong, replace it immediately
  10. Tubeless Tire Replacement: There can be some times when the tubeless tire will be punctured. You can easily find the puncture and fix it according to the manual. If needed you have to change the tire too. If you try you can do the lawn mower tire replacement too.

There are many other things to learn to keep your lawn mower running every year without any help from others. Asking for professional help for every single change will be too costly and sometimes the cost can be higher than the lawn mower cost. So, try to learn how to maintain your lawn mower and you will save at least $300 every season. You should know how to take care of your lawn to use the lawn mower and we shall discuss about the top 10 lawn care tips and then top 10 lawn mowing tips in our next articles.