Top 10 Lawn Mowers Review

Buying the best lawn mower for a lifetime isn’t your cup of tea. You should check the top 10 lawn mowers review to grasp the glimpse of the whole lawn mowing world and only then you can think which lawn mower you need and how to choose the best lawn mower among all the exciting and exceptional lawn mowers available on the market.

10 Top Rated Lawn Mowers

We researched for several days and used 3 different models of lawn mowers from the top 10 lawn mowers list to find the best rated lawn mower in the world and comparing all of them we find that the GreenWorks 25022 Corded Lawn Mower is the best rated lawn mower available for small to medium sized lawns.

Best Lawn Mowers Review

Having long uneven grass on your lawn, just cut them using your lawn mower or hire a lawn mowing service. This is a common answer you will get from your friends and relatives. Is this all there is! No, it isn’t because buying a lawn mower isn’t easy and hiring a lawn mowing service is always costly.

Best Lawn Mowers Review

So, what can we do? The best choice will be buying a lawn mower and learn how to mow your grass using your lawn mower. This way you will have the best design you want with your lawn grass and a lot of money will be saved.

Let us think, a typical lawn mowing service will cost you $50 for 1 acre yard, and you will use their service once every week. For 6 months of spring and summer, you will require 26 lawn mowing services that will cost you $1300. But, if you buy a medium range lawn mower then that will only cost you around $300, so you save $1000 in a season. That’s the math.

Top 10 Lawn Mowers Comparison Chart

NameTypeCutting WidthPowerGrass CatcherView
GreenWorks 25052Push Reel Mower16, 18 and 20 InchesManualIncludedView on Amazon
American Lawn Mower’s Push Reel MowerPush Reel Mower14 InchesManualNot-IncludedView on Amazon
GreenWorks 25022Walk Behind Power20 InchesElectricIncludedView on Amazon
Lawn-Boy 17732Walk Behind Power21 InchesGasIncludedView on Amazon
Troy-Bilt 382ccRide-On30 InchesGasIncludedView on Amazon
Husqvarna YTA18542Ride-On42 InchesGasIncludedView on Amazon
BLACK+DECKER MTC220Hover12 InchesElectricNot-IncludedView on Amazon
Flymo Easi Glide 300Hover12 InchesElectricNot-IncludedView on Amazon
WORX LandroidRobotic7 InchesElectricNot-IncludedView on Amazon
Robomow RS630Robotic22 InchesElectricNot-IncludedView on Amazon

Types of Lawn Mower

Choosing the best lawn mower is hard and confusing, because of the lawn mower types and the options available about them. There are mainly five types of lawn mowers and they have one common feature and that is they all are for mowing the lawn.

We have researched a lot about various types of lawn mowers, their working procedures and which lawn mower will be good for what types of tasks, area, grass types, mowing width and depth. We consider all these features and then we came to realize that everyone might suffer like us, if they don’t get all these information in one place and for that reason we created this list of top 10 lawn mowers containing all types of lawn mowers.

That thinking help us write this article for you who is confused to choose the best suitable lawn mower. We give brief description about all the five types of lawn mower, their pros and cons. Then pick the top two lawn mowers for each type to choose from. Hope this top 10 lawn mowers review will help you short list your search and give you the best lawn mower choosing ideas according to your requirements.

Push Reel Mower

Best Push Reel Mower Review
Push Reel Mower also known as manual push reel mower is the original lawn mowing tools and finding the best push reel mower isn’t a tricky task. It was invented at the later decades of 19th century. All the modern age technology advanced lawn mowers are based on the push reel mower. This is the vintage lawn mower widely used in the modern era and gets the first 2 positions of our top 10 lawn mowers list.

There are always some people like me, who grew older by watching the push reel mower and always wonder why you need automatic lawn mower instead of the manual push reel lawn mower. Its OK, if you have a long and big lawn then that will be impossible to mow grass using manual reel mower, then you can buy automatic types lawn mowers or lawn tractor.

If you have a lawn with an area less than acre, then push reel lawn mower will be good for you. It will take around an hour to complete the lawn mowing using your push reel lawn mower. It will cost you no gas or electricity and there will be no machine sound also, so you should buy the best push reel mower.

Top 10 Push Reel Mowers Comparison Chart

NameCutting DeckBladesWarrantyView
Greenworks 16-Inch Reel Lawn Mower16 Inches54 YearsView on Amazon
American Lawn Mower 1304-14 Push Reel Lawn Mower14 Inches51 YearView on Amazon
Great States 304-14 Push Reel Lawnmower14 Inches51 YearView on Amazon
Scotts 2000-20 Push Reel Lawn Mower20 Inches52 YearsView on Amazon
American Lawn Mower 1204-14 Push Reel Lawn Mower14 Inches41 YearView on Amazon
Fiskars StaySharp Max Reel Mower18 Inches53 YearsView on Amazon
Earthwise 1715-16EW Push Reel Mower16 Inches72 YearsView on Amazon
Sun Joe MJ500M Mow Joe Manual Reel Mower16 Inches52 YearsView on Amazon
Gardena 4023 Silent Push Reel Lawn Mower15 Inches41 YearView on Amazon
Sun Joe MJ501M Mow Joe Manual Reel Mower18 Inches52 YearsView on Amazon

So, what to look for when buying a push reel mower. We have listed the basic push reel lawn mower features to check before buying the mower:

  • First, you must know the weight of your mower because if it is too heavy then it can destroy the grass.
  • Second, what will be the cutting width of your mower? If longer then it will take less time cut grasses but it will also make your mower heavy to think about that too.
  • Third, what will be the cutting depth or heights? You must know the grass cutting height of your mower and how to adjust them.
  • Fourth, where will be the already cut grasses put or sprayed? Some mower has feature like grass catches along the mower, some don’t. So, check this feature too.

After considering the features you should know how to use the mower to mow the lawn. Every mower comes with an owner manual, and the manual describe how to use the mower, how to clean the mower and other things too. You can easily understand the manual and use the mower in no time but it is strongly advisable to have expert’s advice and training before using the mower. If you have confidence in yourself, then just go ahead and get the best push reel mower for mowing your lawn with great design.


  • Push reel lawn mower are light weight and cut grasses effectively and you can say for your grass health they are the best lawn mowers on the market.
  • If you want nicer look for your lawn then manual reel mower will be the best for you. Not only it takes care of your grass health it also produces nicer cuts on the grass to make the whole lawn attractive.
  • As a manual type lawn mower, push reel mower doesn’t produce noises because they don’t have any engine running. So, you can quietly cut grasses at the morning while your family members and neighbors can sleep soundly.
  • They don’t have engine, so they don’t pollute the weather. So, they are not only taking care of you and your lawn but they are taking take of the environment too. So, using this mower, you are contributing to save the environment.
  • Managing and cleaning these lawn mowers are easy. They have no complex function. If you look into it, it is just the old scissors attached with a stand in a custom way to cut the grass. Even your 5-year-old kid can clean and manage this mower.
  • Check the price of push reel mower and you will find most of them are under $100 mark. So, they are way cheaper than the machine or automation based lawn mowers and the best push reel mower will be easy to buy.
  • Everyone needs physical exercise for their body and by mowing using this mower you will have your most needed exercise done.
  • These mowers are the safest lawn mower among other types of mower. Handful of people mostly kids got injured using power mower accident so it will null the accident probability.
  • Young people always want pleasure doing a job and lawn mowing using manual reel mower is always pleasant.


  • Push reel mowers are best for small size lawns like around half acre but one acre is also good. But if your lawn size is over an acre then you can buy automatic lawn mower.
  • Bagging the clippings is always a hassle for push reel mowers but there are some mowers come with grass catcher. You can buy those otherwise you should buy extra lawn mower grass catcher.
  • If you have bumpy lawn or you cut grasses after a while when the grass gets too long then push reel mower isn’t for you and the best push reel mower will have difficulty cutting long grasses.
  • If your lawn grass types are sturdy and thick then push reel mower will not work perfectly. This mower is good for soft and thin types grasses. There are some big push reel lawn mowers those can cut any types of grasses so you can buy those for thick and strong grasses.

After learning above information, we think you can check on the best push reel mowers on the market to buy and here are the two best push reel manual lawn mowers:

Best Push Reel Mower Reviews

1. GreenWorks Reel Lawn Mower

View on Amazon

GreenWorks is a renowned name in the lawn mowing product manufacturer and their GreenWorks 25052 16-Inch Reel Lawn Mower is the best push reel mower among all the manual reel lawn mowers thus getting the first position of this complete top 10 lawn mowers list. It has three different sizes reels 16-inch, 18-inch and 20-inch, so choose the best size reel for your mower before buying it. This mower comes with removable grass catcher, so catching the clippings will be easier with this mower.

The 16,18 and 20-inch reels will help you quietly and quickly do your job. There are four different positions for the cutting scissors so you can adjust your mower to cut different sizes grass with it. The 2-inch rear handle and 10-inch front wheel will provide super maneuverability to its users to mow the lawn. Pollution free, sound free, ease of use makes it the perfect mower for small lawn.

2. American Lawn Mower’s Push Reel Five Blade Lawn Mower

View on Amazon

As our second pick, American Lawn Mower’s Push Reel Five Blade Lawn Mower has similar features like the GreenWorks lawn mower and it is one of the best push reel mowers available on the market. It has five blades to cut the grass where this type of lawn mowers usually has three to four blades. The extra blade makes the cut smoother and quicker. The reel width is 14-inch so that can be a problem if you have a big lawn.

The front wheel is durable and 10-inch and along with the rear handle, it makes the mowing easier. You can easily adjust the cutting height from 1-inch to 1.75-inch. If you need more cutting height, then this one will not be perfect for you. Lightweight and the blade stays sharp for longer time to makes it easier to use for a long time.

Walk Behind Power Lawn Mower

Best Walk Behind Power Lawn Mower
Don’t you know which type of lawn mower is most popular on the market? That is the Walk Behind Power Lawn Mowers and for medium size lawn you should acquire the best walk behind power lawn mower. These lawn mowers can have reels or rotary blades but most of them have rotary blades and its better than the reel based power lawn mower. Rotary mowers can cut all sizes grasses where reels can cut only low sized grasses. Maintaining reel based power lawn mower is difficult than rotary mowers, and reel mowers are expensive too.

The popular and best walk behind power lawn mowers can be divided into two types based on power source. One is gas powered mower and another is electric power mower. The electric mowers don’t produce fumes like the gas-powered mowers and they can be either corded or cordless. Cordless electric lawn mower will have rechargeable battery within it. So, you can safely assume that walk behind power lawn mowers will have a spot in our top 10 lawn mowers chart.

Features to Look For

  • First, you must check whether it is reel or rotary. You must know which you need then choose accordingly.
  • Second, if your lawn is small sized only half an acre, then you don’t need power lawn mower but if you have a lawn of around one acre, then walk behind power lawn mower is good for you.
  • Third, check the clippings catching and discharging facility. Some mowers need to be stopped to discharge the clippings other doesn’t so check on that too.
  • Fourth, if you want electric lawn mower then check whether it is corded or cordless. If cordless, then you should know how long you can mow the lawn before recharging the battery.
  • Fifth, check the maintenance manual of the mower before buying and if you don’t understand a part of the manual ask the seller to help you understand the maintenance process otherwise you can’t operate well, and even the best walk behind power lawn mower will give you difficulty.
  • Sixth, if buying the gas-powered lawn mower, then you must know gas tank capacity and how long can it mow with a full tank of gas.
  • Seventh, ask the seller whether they will provide spare parts like air filter, spark plug, blades, fuel filters etc. If they don’t provide spare parts, then how to get them, ask that too.
  • Eighth, how often do you need to clean your power lawn mower and how to do that, you must know that before buying the power walk behind lawn mower.
  • Ninth, do you need self-propelled gas lawn mower or other types be sure before buying because some companies may not have return policies so you might buy wrong lawn mower without checking your requirements first.

When you have all the questions answered above and your primary features list comply with them then you can buy powered walk behind lawn mower. You also need to check the pros and cons of the best walk behind powered lawn mowers before finalizing your buying criteria.

Top 10 Corded Electric Lawn Mowers Comparison Chart

NameCutting DeckPowerWarrantyView
Greenworks 25022 Corded Lawn Mower20 Inches12 AMP4 YearsView on Amazon
Sun Joe MJ401E-BLK Electric Lawn Mower14 Inches12 AMP2 YearsView on Amazon
Greenworks 25112 Corded Lawn Mower21 Inches13 AMP4 YearsView on Amazon
Black & Decker MM2000 Corded Mower20 Inches13 AMP2 YearsView on Amazon
Earthwise 50520 Corded Electric Lawn Mower20 Inches12 AMP2 YearsView on Amazon
Greenworks 25142 Corded Lawn Mower16 Inches10 AMP4 YearsView on Amazon
Sun Joe MJ408E Corded Electric Lawn Mower20 Inches12 AMP2 YearsView on Amazon
WORX WG719 Caster Wheeled Electric Lawn Mower19 Inches13 AMP3 YearsView on Amazon
BLACK+DECKER EM1500 Corded Mower15 Inches10 AMP2 YearsView on Amazon
Greenworks 25012 Corded Lawn Mower18 Inches12 AMP4 YearsView on Amazon


The benefits of the best walk behind power lawn mowers can be described in two sectors. One is about the best electric lawn mowers and another is about the best gas powered lawn mowers. So, we decided to provide pros about both of them separately to understand it easily and you can make your decision more precisely.

Pros of the best Electric Lawn Mower

  • Soundless or quieter than other type of power lawn mower, so you can mow your lawn easily anytime of the day without disturbing others or creating less noise pollution using the best electric lawn mower.
  • No fumes to pollute the environment or damaging the user’s health so they are eco-friendly and pollution free.
  • These lawn mowers don’t have spark-plugs like the gas-powered lawn mowers so you don’t need to change the spark-plug or think about it.
  • Without any visible fuel system, these electric corded or cordless lawn mowers don’t have fuel filters so thinking to change them is unnecessary.
  • You will use electricity to operate these, so no need to think about changing oil or other things related to that.
  • For the long run, you don’t have to buy extra fuel for your machine and extra cash will be saved.

These benefits may convince you buying these electric corded or cordless lawn mowers instantly but please read through the drawbacks below before buying.

Cons of the best Electric Lawn Mower

  • If you buy the best corded electric lawn mowers then you can’t move freely using them. Depending on the cord size, you can’t mow your full lawn if cord becomes shorter than needed.
  • If you choose the best cordless electric lawn mowers, then there are some models whose battery capacity is low like one hour only so if you can’t complete mowing the lawn in one hour then you should recharge it before using again. It can be a real hassle, so check the battery capacity and your usual time duration for mowing before buying.
  • The best corded lawn mowers are good for thin soft grasses but if you have thicker grasses then these may not be a good choice for you.
  • The best cordless lawn mowers are expensive or costly than most gas lawn mowers, so think about that too.
  • If your lawn has some low places where water can gather from all over the lawn, don’t use this mower anywhere near that, because electric cordless or corded lawn mowers can be short-circuited by water.

The Best Gas Mowers have their own benefits and drawbacks like their counterpart the best electric mowers so check those too before deciding which one you will buy.

Pros of the best Gas Lawn Mower

  • If you have strong and thicker grasses then gas mowers are perfect for that. Best Gas mowers can mow all types of strong and thicker grasses.
  • You will get full mobility because this doesn’t have any cord. You can cut using any angle and top rated gas lawn mowers are super maneuverable.
  • As long as it has fuel it can cut grasses, best suitable for any lawn areas, the bigger the area, the better.
  • Top rated gas lawn mower has great fuel consumption rate comparing to other fuel based machinery of your house.
  • Stronger and sturdier than electric and other types of lawn mowers.
  • Under rain or water, top rated gas mower can work fine without the possibility of electrocuting.

All those advantages are really appealing unless you know the drawbacks of gas powered lawn mowers.

Cons of the best Gas Lawn Mower

  • Gas mowers are heavy comparing to other mowers, so if you have soft and thin grasses then it would be better to avoid using this because even the best rated gas mower is heavier than the regular top rated cordless lawn mower.
  • Creates extra noise than electric or manual reel lawn mowers.
  • The fuel induced fumes can be harmful for the users and anyone around them.
  • Maintaining these mowers required expert people so if you have no idea how to maintain and tweak them then you better avoid them.
  • The pull-start cord is annoying if you don’t know how to do it perfectly and you can’t avoid it unless you buy best rated gas lawn mowers which come with switch start instead of pull-start option.

All these information will help you decide which mowers you need for your lawn based on your lawn size, grass type, price and maintenance. Please check the lawn mowers below, they are the best two electric and gas lawn mowers of our choice:

Best Walk Behind Power Lawn Mower Reviews

3. GreenWorks 25022 Corded Lawn Mower

View on Amazon

GreenWorks Corded Lawn Mowers are the best corded lawn mower among many variants of electric lawn mowers and the GreenWorks 25022 12 Amp Corded 20-Inch Lawn Mower is the first choice among all other model’s electric lawn mowers of GreenWorks and the best rated lawn mower of the top 10 lawn mowers list. The mower uses powerful 12-Amp motors so cutting the strong and thick grasses will be child’s play for this.

The 20-inch cutting deck is bigger than other electric mowers there the average cutting deck is 12-16 Inches for electric mowers. So, you can complete your mowing quickly where others will be half way around.  Front wheel is smaller than the rear wheel. Front is 7-inch and rear is 10-inch. Combining with the rear handle, these wheels will provide super mobility and fast work done.

You can adjust the height for 7 positions so cutting grasses with multiple sizes will easy and comfortable. The clipping catching, bagging and discharging facility is simple and satisfactory for a pro as well as novice. Overall this is an easy to operate corded lawn mower for anyone who can understand the owner manual and have basic knowledge of mowing.

4. Lawn-Boy 17732 Self Propelled Gas Lawn Mower

View on Amazon

Looking for a gar powered mower for your lawn that has self-propelled facility then Lawn-Boy 17732 21-Inch 149cc Kohler XTX OHV, 3-in-1 Discharge Rear Wheel Drive Self Propelled Gas Lawn Mower will be your best gas powered lawn mower. The drive system of this gas mower is based on rear wheels, and that will provide extra comfort and better traction for mowing on hilly terrain.

Adjusting cutting height easily is one of its specialty using its 2 Points Height-Cut System and you can use this feature to cut extra height on one side and low height on other side of the mower. Its run with high power Kohler engine and the full package comes with 3 years’ warranty. So, if you have any problem operating your mower or anything wrong with it then Lawn-Boy will come to set you up and the machine will be repaired and adjusted according to your requirements.

Ride-On Lawn Mower or Lawn Tractor

Best Ride-On Lawn Mower
Want to know about the most popular type of lawn mowers, then you must know that one-third of lawn mower search on google and bing is about the best ride-on lawn mower or the best lawn tractor and their popularity is increasing every minute and without any ride-on lawn mower in our list of top 10 lawn mowers, it will be incomplete and inconceivable. Other than pushing or walk behind lawn mowers, these lawn mowers have strong engine, fitted seats and control like cars. These are easy to maneuver and a lot of area grass can be mowed in a short time.

Some may think that the best ride-on lawn mowers and lawn tractors are the same but they aren’t same with design and cutting system. The cutting deck of ride-on mower is situated at the front on the machine where in lawn tractor its position between the front and rear wheels at the middle. The front cutting deck provides more maneuverability to mow the grass from lawns with hilly terrain and trees, but doing the same using lawn tractors will be a lot harder.

It might seem easy to mow the lawn using the ride-on or tractor mowers because of its car or vehicle like features but you must be cautious about excessive using it. About two third of the lawn mower related accidents happen with the riding lawn mowers and most of the victims are children. Though operating the mower is easy but don’t give it to children who aren’t mature enough to ride the mower.

Before deciding to buy the best riding lawn mower first check whether you need it or not. If you have lawn area less than 1.5 acre then riding lawn mowers will not be appropriate or cost effective for you. You can just buy push reel or walk behind mowers. These riding mowers are expensive so make sure whether you need it or want it. If you want it then don’t buy but if you need it then buy the one most suitable for your requirements and best lawn tractor you can find.

When you have a larger lawn, and using walk behind mower takes around an hour to mow the whole lawn then you can buy the riding mower. It will help you reduce physical strains of mowing the lawn for long time and the riding mowers can mow 2-3 times faster than other mowers so they will also reduce the mowing time and the extra time you can use for watering the lawn or other purposes.


  • Riding mowers are easy to use and save times. If you have prior knowledge of driving then you will find these best riding mowers as beginner’s thing for a driver. Even a non-driving person can learn to mow using these best rated lawn tractors or mowers after five minutes of practice.
  • Riding the mower is easy and smooth and the seat is comfortable enough to seat over 2-3 hours without any problem.
  • The dual wheel motor makes the top rated riding mower more maneuverable and its mobility will be great for the rider.
  • The mowers can cut the grasses 2-3 times faster than other mowers. They can cut faster if the lawn is smooth and obstacle like tree or hilly terrain free.
  • Riding mower takes less time to mow than walk behind gas mowers so it will cost less gas than the walk behind gas mowers. Its simple more time more gas, less time less gas.
  • Operating the best rated riding mower is pleasant and fun. You will enjoy every minute you spend mowing your lawn. Even your children want to mow the lawn instead of you.
  • You can cut the grass clean according to your preferred size efficiently and you can easily make designs with your lawns using these best rated riding mowers.
  • You don’t have to check on back whether the cutting is clean and clear like you wanted because you will get everything you want.


  • Riding lawn mowers are expensive. You have to spend over $2000 to get a full feature good quality top rated riding lawn mower. Top rated Lawn tractors are more expensive than ride-on lawn mowers.
  • Though it may take twice or thrice less time than the push over gas mower but it also consumes more gas than other push lawn mowers.
  • Turning and mobility can be a problem even with top rated riding lawn mowers because there are these best zero turn lawn mowers and even the regular best rated riding lawn mowers or top rated lawn tractors have turning problems for beginners. If you are a pro then no problem.
  • If you have a lot of trees and bumpy or hilly places within your lawn then riding lawn mowers will not be a good choice for you.
  • Most of the lawn mower related accident happens around the best riding lawn mowers so keep your children away from these mowers and when you don’t need it, keep it locked so that others can’t use it.
  • Safety precautions are too large for these mowers, and maintenance and spare parts price are expensive than other types of mowers.

Its time to check different models of the best lawn tractors or best ride-on lawn mowers after carefully reading the above paragraphs. You can short list your requirements then check on from our best two ride-on lawn mowers and lawn tractors:

Best Ride-On Lawn Mower or Lawn Tractor Reviews

5. Troy-Bilt 382cc Riding Lawn Mower

View on Amazon

Looking for a low price, well built, strong, over the age technology riding lawn mower for your home yard, then Troy-Bilt 382cc Powermore OHV 30-Inch Premium Neighborhood Riding Lawn Mower will be your best pick as the best ride-on lawn mower. Comparing to others same type lawn mowers, it has the lowest price but by no means it has less quality or effectiveness than others. If you read the customer reviews of this riding lawn mower, you will find all of them satisfied with the service and effectiveness of this machine and if you create a top 10 list of riding lawn mowers, it will get the top position easily.

It has 322cc powerful engine that provides highest speed of 4.25 MPH. The Powermore Auto Choke OHV engine is strong and it consumes less gas than any of its competitor but provides better service. The cutting deck’s width is 30-Inch, and with 5 different adjustable settings, you can get a wide variety of cutting experience from this machine. It can turn both sides with 18-degree radius with its 16×6.5 Inch rear wheels and 13×5 Inch front wheels. This lawn mower is best preferable for medium sized lawn with even terrain.

6. Husqvarna YTA18542 Tractor Mower

View on Amazon

Husqvarna is a famous name in the power tools manufacturing market and they are the best for manufacturing lawn tractors. It uses fast auto transmission to get a maintenance free operation. This best rated tractor uses air inductions mowing technology to make sure every grass gets cut while mowing. The deck is comfortable fit under the engine and it can be adjusted to fit different terrain. This best lawn tractor is easily washable and maintenance is also easy for the user. It provides 3 years limited warranty and for the front axle and chassis/body it provides 5 years’ consumer warranty.

You can buy the product as a whole or with expert assembly. The expert assembly will cost you extra money but it worth every penny you spent. They will come with the product as your desired time, set the whole lawn tractor up and check every part so that the tractor can work fine without any trouble. Don’t lift anything for your lawn tractor. The experts are highly knowledge and experienced and they will make sure that the lawn tractor is at its prime after the setting and it provides the best safety for the driver. But if you are confident about your own lawn tractor setup ability then you don’t need the expert assembly help amazon provides.

Hover Lawn Mower

Best Hover Lawn Mower
Though, there aren’t many hover lawn mowers on the market and it is relatively new on the mowing market but it has steady number of users and most of them like it more than the rotary lawn mowers and that’s why we included hover lawn mowers on our list of top 10 lawn mowers. The users define many reasons why they love the best hover lawn mowers but it is not without flaws. These may be lightweight and easy to move but if the grass size is long and you have thick grasses then the best hover mowers will not be effective for that.

We may have question, how the hover lawn mower works? Air cushion creates space between the lawn and lawn mower and then the spinning lawn mower blades cut the grasses from the lawn. The mower has no wheel so moving all direction is possible and it is the most popular reason for the best hover lawn mower’s popularity among customers. This process is good for really small lawns. Because, using it in a big lawn will take hours of mowing to complete using this mower. If you have uneven spots of your lawn after mowing with lawn tractor, then you can use the hover mower to even the spot grass because using lawn tractor for a small place will be a hassle.


  • Hover lawn mowers are lightweight and easy to move around and top rated hover lawn mowers have exciting features.
  • It can mow the lawn for all directions where using other lawn mower types you can cut grasses for only one direction.
  • The best Hover lawn mowers are cheaper than gas powered walk behind lawn mowers and riding lawn mowers or lawn tractors.
  • Women can easily use this best rated lawn mowers where other lawn mowers can be too heavy for mowing by women.
  • If you have uneven grasses on your lawn then it will be better to get a hover lawn mower. You just want the uneven grasses to cut not the whole lawn.
  • If your lawn has slopes then it will be better for you to buy hover lawn mower because moving up and down using traditional lawn mowers will be difficult but you can easily move your hover lawn mower up and down on the slopes.
  • Buy hover lawn mower and use it just getting out of its box but other lawn mowers need assembly and tweaking before start using the mower.


  • Hover lawn mowers are effective for small lawns for bigger lawns it isn’t effective enough and even using the best hover lawn mower can’t cut grasses for larger areas.
  • You can’t adjust the height of cutting of the hover lawn mowers, it will cut the same size always.
  • It can’t effectively cut long grasses, its better from short but uneven grasses.
  • If you have stripes on the grasses then you can’t use hover lawn mower because it will cut all the grasses not the stripes one only.
  • Its lightweight can create problem to cut strong and mixing grasses.
  • You need real practice to cut grasses using the best hover lawn mower otherwise you will uneven grass cut.
  • Sometimes the cords aren’t long enough to cut grasses for long distance from your power source.
  • The internal battery has a limit of usage and the charge can run out before completing the mowing. You should recharge to work again using the mower.
  • There is no gas-powered hover lawn mower.
  • Its impossible to use it for long time because it needs regular charging.
  • You should buy extra batteries along with it because the charging capacity isn’t long enough for complete mowing and even the top rated hover lawn mowers have limited charging capacity.

We think, now you have a good idea about hover lawn mower and ready to check some real hover lawn mower. Please check the two-listed hover lawn mower below:

Best Hover Lawn Mower Reviews

7. BLACK+DECKER MTC220 20V Lithium Ion 3-in-1 Trimmer/Edger and Mower

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This is the best hover lawn mower on the market with other unique featues. You can check all the features and read reviews of active customers below before buying the BLACK+DECKER MTC220 20V Lithium Ion 3-in-1 Trimmer/Edger and Mower.

This is a built-in grass trimmer but easily convertible between trimmer to mower, mower to edger, edger to trimmer. Battery included with this package with the power of lithium Ion 20V, 2 batteries.

Less bumping and continuous working ability with the AFS automatic feed system. No bogging down using power drive transmission. The cutting deck is 12 Inch so can cut a lot grass at a time for being hover lawn mower thus making the top 10 lawn mowers list.

8. Flymo Easi Glide 300 Electric Hover Collect Lawnmower

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This Flymo Easi Glide 300 Electric Hover Collect Lawnmower is an original and best hover lawn mower with cutting hover mowing technology. You can move it all around to cut grasses evenly so less work of moving.

It consumes 1300 Watt of power and purely electric hover mower without any battery backup. So, you need long cords to completely mow your whole lawn. It has a long 30 cm mowing deck for better flexibility and quicker mowing. It will collect more grasses, cut through the edges of the lawn and gives better finishes. The whole mowing process will be easier and faster than other types of hover lawn mower.

Robotic Lawn Mower

Best Robotic Lawn Mower
The most modern type of lawn mower is the robotic lawn mower and it is included in our list of top 10 lawn mowers. People always want to do the job without doing the job personally, for these people, robotic lawn mowers will be great help. Just start the best robotic mower and you can have the job done without being on your lawn. The robotic mower will use its own navigating system to measure the lawn edge and cut all the grasses on the lawn on its own without any further instruction. Give your mower instructions to trim your lawn and do your job and you will find nice and clean mowed lawn after a while. These mowing robots are becoming very popular among people.

Top 10 Robotic Lawn Mowers Comparison

NameBrandCutting WidthRangeCutting HeightView
WORX LandroidWORX7 Inches1/4 Acre1.6-4.0 InchesView on Amazon
Robomow RS630Robomow22 Inches3/4 Acre0.8-3.2 InchesView on Amazon
Husqvarna 967622505Husqvarna9.45 Inches4/5 Acre0.8-2.4 InchesView on Amazon
McCulloch ROB 1000McCulloch6.7 Inches1/4 Acre0.8-2.0 InchesView on Amazon
Robomow RX12Robomow7 Inches1/2 Acre0.5-1.7 InchesView on Amazon
Kohstar S520Kohstar9.8 Inches2/3 Acre1.0-2.2 InchesView on Amazon
Husqvarna 967623405Husqvarna8.7 Inches1/4 Acre0.8-2.4 InchesView on Amazon
Ancaixin Black AutomowerAncaixin8.5 Inches1/2 Acre1.0-2.2 InchesView on Amazon
Milagrow RoboTigerMilagrow7.7 Inches1/3 Acre0.8-2.5 InchesView on Amazon
Robomow RC306Robomow11 Inches1/8 Acre0.6-3.1 InchesView on Amazon

Robotic lawn mowers have their own power source of batteries and they will come to the recharge point on their own to recharge when the charge limit is reached. You can schedule the mower about how often they will work and they will do their job without any problem. You don’t have to check on the best robotic lawn mower but having regular checking is most recommended for them.

They are battery powered so they will not create any noise or sound, and no fumes to pollute the environment. Scheduling for daily, hourly or weekly possible with this robotic lawn mower and you don’t need to recharge them, they will use the recharging function and point to recharge on their own.

To start, first buy the best robotic lawn mower and then read the complete owner manual. After learning all the features of your mower and how to operate it, use the provided wire to set a perimeter around your lawn and set that instruction into your robotic lawn mower. Then set the recharging point and give that instruction to the robot lawn mower too.

Now, start the best rated robot mower on your lawn, don’t need to look or check all the time. Do your regular family chores and check periodically what the robot mower is doing. And you will find a completely mowed or trimmed lawn when it is done its job.

Few Questions about Robotic Lawn Mower

What is the Best Robotic Lawn Mower for Large Lawn?

Most robotic lawn mowers have relatively small mowing range than the typical self-propelled or electric lawn mowers. Robotic lawn mowers have usual range of 1/5 acre to 1 acre. If you need lawn mower for larger lawn then choosing other types of lawn mowers will be the best. Both Robomow RS630 and Husqvarna 967622505 have a range of 3/4 acre where the Husqvarna 967622505 can do more according to the information provided by the company. So, if your lawn has an area around 1 acre then any of the two will be better but for anything bigger than 1 acre, then top rated robotic lawn mowers will not be the best choice for you and that’s why it didn’t make the top positions of our list of top 10 lawn mowers.

What is the Best Small Robot Lawn Mower?

WORX Landroid has a range of 1/4 acre and Robomow RC306 has a range of 1/8 acre. So, we think WORX Landroid will be best Small Robot Lawn Mower for your 1/4 acre or smaller lawn but if you have a tiny lawn of 1/6 acre or smaller then Robomow RC306 will be most mini Robot Lawn Mower for you.

Cheapest Robotic Lawn Mower?

Usually, all robotic lawn mowers have higher prices over $1000 because of their higher technology and cutting edge features. The cheapest robotic lawn mower is the WORX Landroid because it has a price below $1000. So, you should have a budget around $1000 before thinking to buy a robotic lawn mower.

Robotic Lawn Mowers Power Source?

All the listed robotic lawn mowers here are electric or battery powered. There are researches ongoing about creating gas powered robotic lawn mowers but so far nothing on the market. There are some specific research ongoing about producing solar powered robotic lawn mowers and a few variants are on the market experimentally but we suggest avoid those unless you find a trustworthy solar powered robotic lawn mower.

Basic Uses of Robot Lawn Mowers?

Though, robot lawn mowers have small range, they are best suited for personal uses in small lawn at small houses. There are no robot mower on the market that is suitable for commercial use. You can use commercial robot lawn mowers as you see fit but it is less profitable and more work for you than you spend.

Robot Mower Operating System?

The robot mowers have built-in operating system with basic instructions so you just give the command and the robot mower will work accordingly. Usually you can find programmable robotic lawn mower but you shouldn’t change the settings unless you are 100% sure what you are doing and consequences of your action. For this action open source robot lawn mower will be best for you if you are good and confident about your programming skill.


  • Works on its own based on the provided instruction set.
  • Perimeter of mowing or trimming can be set using wire and the robotic lawn mower will only mow grasses with the perimeter.
  • You can set the wire for fixing the recharge point of the mower and it is recharge on its own when the battery will have low charge.
  • Electric battery power source, so no sound pollution or no fumes means no environmental pollution using the best robotic lawn mowers.
  • They work on their own according to their pre-set instructions.
  • You can adjust the cutting size before it starts mowing. This way it will cut all grasses same size.
  • Within the setting perimeter it will cut all over until it gets into obstacle or go to the edge of wire.
  • Good for small and even lawn without frees or slopes.
  • It will save your precious time.
  • You don’t have to collect the grass clipping, they will do while cutting.
  • No emissions
  • Easy to install and operate.


  • You should set a perimeter with a wire otherwise it can’t cut the grasses on the places you want to mow.
  • You should also set the charging point and having the same perimeter wire for charging destination is slow and time consuming process.
  • There is a limit how long the best robotic lawn mower can mow without recharging.
  • Robotic mowers are expensive and costly than other types of conventional lawn mowers.
  • You should clean underneath the mower regularly.
  • You must sharpen the blades regularly for smooth grass cut.
  • Good for quarter acre or smaller lawns, for big lawns their working will become rusty and inappropriate.
  • Getting an expert to solve problem with robotic mower isn’t easy and even if you find, they are very costly too.
  • If you have kids playing on the lawn then it’s better not to buy robotic lawn mowers.

Now, you have all you need to know info about robotic lawn mower. Hope you have decided whether to buy robotic lawn mower or not. If you decided to buy then check on the best of this type of lawn mower on the market:

Best Robotic Lawn Mower Reviews

9. WORX Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower

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Looking for a small robotic lawn mower for your small lawn then WORX Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower is the best robotic lawn mower for you. It has a low weight of 20 pounds, just enough to use for lawn mowing automatically for all types of grasses. It has a 7-inch cutting deck, a lot smaller than regular and conventional lawn mowers but it works real fine. According to its working capacity, sturdiness and longevity WORX Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower is by far the best robotic lawn mower available.

Setting up the work M lawn mower is easier than other robotic lawn mowers, take the mower from the package, setup and start its maiden lawn mowing on your lawn. It can precisely cut the grasses and move within narrow spaces. It can move around upto 20 degrees and you can change the cutting heights from 1.5 inches to 4 inches or vice versa based on your lawn type. For recharging or if rain happens, it will come back to the base. Best suitable for any lawn with an area of quarter acre or less.

10. Robomow RS630 Robotic Lawn Mower

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If you want precision grass cutting using the best robotic lawn mower then your best choice will be the Robomow RS630 Robotic Lawn Mower. Though, it has a complex setting up procedure comparing with the WORX Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower but it isn’t complex enough to be hassle for you if you read and understand the lawn mower owner manual.

This robot lawn mower has a weight around 44 pounds, good enough to cut the thickest grasses with weight based pressure. Its cutting width is 22 Inch, really wide comparing with the WORX mower. You can adjust the mowing height for .75 Inch to 3 Inches. It can mow a lawn around three quarter acres of land but best fit for half acre of lawn.

It has high humidity or rain censor and you can set instruction whether it will work under rain or not. You can set several mowing zones for the mower, and it will mow each zone separately. It is a unique feature of this Robomow robotic lawn mower and with this robotic lawn mower our top 10 lawn mowers list is complete.

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