Top 10 Lawn Mowing Tips

Best Lawn Mowing Tips

When you have lawn, then you have you mow your lawn weekly throughout the season. You should hire a lawn mower person or buy lawn mowing services. There are mainly two types of lawn mowing services, one is you have to pay per lawn mowing and another is buying annual services. The second is better than the first one. The price for the service will differ according to your lawn size and condition.

The best way to mowing your lawn is having your own lawn mower. There are many lawn mowers on the market. You can buy either a manual lawn mower or fully automatic lawn mower. There is another type and that is lawn tractor but it is costlier than others. Whether you choose manual or automatic lawn mower, you should choose the most affordable lawn mower.


If you read the user manual or owner manual of your lawn mower, then you can easily operate your lawn mower. Basic lawn mower maintenance is also easy for anyone who has regular knowledge about machines. First troubleshooting lawn mower then make the adjustment and changes to the lawn mower. After buying the best lawn mower you can afford, you have to learn how to mow your lawn otherwise you can destroy your lawn. We have listed top 10 lawn mowing tips below to help you with your lawn mowing:

  1. Grass Size: Every type of grass has its own size that must be kept so you have to know which type of grass seed you will use and how much grass you can cut and how much grass to keep.
  2. Mowing Time: Don’t mow your lawn when the sun is up. Try to mow at the morning or at the afternoon. Don’t use water before mowing the grass. Use dry grass to mow, the lawn mower will work perfectly on dry grass.
  3. Lawn Mower Blades: Blades must be sharpened regularly. Whenever you mow the lawn make sure the mower blades are sharp and ready to use. Have a lawn mower blade sharpener to sharpen the lawn mower blades whenever necessary. Sharpening the blades is easy too, if you read the manual you can do it yourself.
  4. Mowing Pattern: Don’t follow the same mowing pattern everytime you mow your yard. Try different mowing pattern each time you mow the lawn. This way you can cut the grass more efficiently and the grass will grow more accurately according to your demand.
  5. Don’t Mow New Grass: After planting the grass seeds on your yard, don’t start mowing within the first three or four weeks. Mow only when your lawn grass is 1-2 inches higher than the recommended grass cutting height.
  6. Proper Fertilization: Use proper fertilizer to your grasses. Try to give extra nutrients to the grasses after the mowing. Because if you do so, the grass will have a perfect growth to match your expectation.
  7. Watering Your Grass: Give enough water to all the lawn grasses every day. Don’t miss a day. If the grasses have lack of water, then they will grow dry and the color will fade and they can die out soon. Try to water the lawn regularly and grasses under trees need extra care than most open-air grasses. You should keep that mind too.
  8. Keep the Filters in Check: Lawn mowers have two types of filter, air filter and oil filter. Check the filters regularly. These filters can be easily damaged or expired. So, check before using the mower to mow the grass and if you find them troubling then change those before using the mower and it is easy to change the filters.
  9. Mowing Frequency: If you have winter season grass on your lawn, then you have to reduce mowing frequency in the summer, also keep the grass height slightly higher in the summer. If you have summer grass, then do vise-versa in the winter too.
  10. Have Professional Help: Whenever you have problems with your mower or the yard that you can’t understand or having problem to solve them on your own, don’t hesitate to have professional help. You can’t do everything and you must know that. So, asking for help when needed is a wise idea.

You must know these 10 tips are important but we can’t cover everything about mowing within just 10 tips. Try to learn a lot more from the owner manual and other sources available before start mowing your lawn all by yourself. It is better to hire a professional at first to check what he/she does and combine that info with your own knowledge to start on your own. Have a nice mowing.