Top 10 Bullet Proof Cars

Top 10 Bullet Proof Cars

Before talking about top 10 bullet proof cars, we should first learn about bullet proof cars. A bullet proof car is a type of security vehicle that has its glass window replaced with bullet proof glass along with few layers of armor plates within the vehicle’s body panel. Military bullet proof vehicles have all body armor plating but bullet proof cars have general look of a car with bullet proof glasses and concealed armored plates.


Best Bullet Proof Cars

This is the Top 10 List of most secure bullet proof cars in the world. Generally, rich and famous people of the world use this kind of cars. These cars are not only highly protected, but also very luxurious inside. Some of these cars are even equipped with guns and other fire arms. Before getting to the top 10 bullet proof cars list we should check the bullet proof cars comparison chart to understand the basic info and features of these top 10 bullet proof vehicles and who uses these bullet proof vehicles.
Mercedes-Benz W221

1. Mercedes-Benz W221

Mercedes-Benz W221 is the top of the top 10 bullet proof cars list because of its most modern features and quality. The president of Germany uses this bullet proof car. It is customized and fortified severely to make its the best bullet proof car of the world. A lighter version of this car is manufactured in different factories and are used by many famous and VIPs from all over the world. Its engine capacity is 518 HP and it is good enough to make the car with brute force as a bullet proof car.
Cadillac CTS

2. Cadillac CTS

General Motors is the manufacturer of Cadillac CTS and it is a mid sized bullet proof car. It is available in three versions- Coupe, Sedan and Sport Wagon. In 2002 this car was introduced as a sports sedan as the replacement of Cadillac Catera. This car has a 556 horsepower engine. In North America It is the ‘Least Fuel Efficient Small Station Wagon’ with a very unique car air horn syytem. Kip Wasenko and Wayne Cherry designed this car. Cadillac CTS is the 2nd pick as our top 10 bullet proof cars list.
The Knight XV

3. The Knight XV

The Knight XV is a fully armed luxury SUV made by Conquest Vehicles which is famous for manufacturing strong and armored vehicles. Its designer William Maizlin has converted a military vehicle to a luxury vehicle. This vehicle is made of ballistic hardened steel. Its 20-inch custom designed rim is made of a solid piece of 6061 aluminum. The Knight XV has 325 HP powerful engine enough to run this wild beast fully armed and rocking. The Knight XV make the 3rd position of the top 10 bullet proof cars list.
T-98 Kombat

4. T-98 Kombat

T-98 Kombat is made my Kombat Armouring, which is a subsidiary of Laura Group in Russia. It is among the fastest armored vehicles of the world. Its protection capability is from B2-B7. It has two versions, one is “VIP” and the other is “Utility” which is for special operations. T-98 Kombat has a 340bhp V8 engine, which can run up to 178kmph. Its 340 HP powerful engine makes it runs faster than other bullet proof cars making it the fastest among other bullet proof cars and this makes T-98 Kombat worthy to be in the top 10 bullet proof cars in the world.
Jaguar XJ

5. Jaguar XJ

Jaguar armored vehicle was fast introduced in 1968. From then it has gone through many major updates. The Jaguar XJ was launched in 2009. Its front design is much like XF, though the lights are sleeker and slimmer. It has come with a aggressive but loving appearance. The engine maximum output is 285 HP and this powerful engine is most suitable for the look and features included into the Jaguar XJ. Our top 10 bullet proof cars in the world will be incomplete without the Jaguar XJ.
Land Rover Discovery

6. Land Rover Discovery

Land Rover Discovery was the first bullet proof car made by British car manufacturer Land Rover. It was first made in 1989. This car has gone through four updates. The last generation of this car, Discovery 4, is marketed in North America as LR4. This car is so strong with its armored plates and bullet proof glasses with its 275 HP engine that it can protect passengers from bomb attacks from under the car making it the top 10 bullet proof cars. Land Rover is greatly competiting with its Asian Counter Parts Land Cruiser of Toyota.
Cadillac One

7. Cadillac One

You may wonder why the presidential car Cadillac One is in the 7th place of this list of top 10 bullet proof cars. It may be hard to believe but all the cars listed above have better bullet proof facilities than Cadillac One. Cadillac One may have a lot of unique features and most updated design and styles but it has less bullet resistance features which make it down to the 7th position of the list. But it has everything it needs to be a complete bullet proof car with a powerful 220 HP engine.
Chevrolet Suburban

8. Chevrolet Suburban

Chevrolet Suburban is mainly a sport utility vehicle made by Chevrolet which is converted into a bullet proof car with 335 HP powerful engine with armored plates and bullet proof glasses. This car has been produced from 1935. It is a station wagon version of Chevrolet pickup truck. The Suburban is made to give a great protection to the passengers. It is General Motor’s one of the most profitable cars thus making the 8th position of the top 10 bullet proof cars in the world list.
Horse Armor Vault XXL

9. Horse Armor Vault XXL

Horse Armor Vault XXL makes the 9th position of our top 10 bullet proof cars in the world list. This bulletproof car is like a big limousine because it can carry 25 passengers. Its engine is powered with 245 hp 620 lb-ft of torque at 400 rpm. This car concurrently affords comfort, safety, luxury and style. Besides protection, there are many facilities of entertainment like specific sound system included in the vehicle. It has powerful stereo sound system, LCD display and all mini bar facilities.
Bentley Continental Flying Spur

10. Bentley Continental Flying Spur

The last position of our top 10 bullet proof cars list is for the Bentley Continental Flying Spur. This car was first introduced in 2005. It has a 6.0-liter twin-turbocharged W12 engine. It can produce 650 horsepower at 6100rpm. It can achieve 100kmph in 5.2 seconds only. It is one of the most popular European car manufacturers. Its highest speed is 312kmph thus making one of the fastest cars in the world including the top 10 bullet proof cars.