Top 10 Instructions for Good Health

Top 10 Instructions for Good Health

Being healthy is no simple task and you should maintain good health all the time for better life and leisure.

If you can’t being healthy all the time, then you may caught by common diseases regularly and if you are unfortunate, then you may even suffer deadly diseases.

You should maintain strict diet and regular exercise for being healthy. Though, these two tips are important they aren’t all there is.

You should follow the top 10 instructions for good health list below and we are certain, you will get great healthy body and mind all the time.

Otherwise, there is a huge possibility for being sick or getting mental disorder in the long run, so keep that in mind too.


List of Top 10 Instructions for Good Health

1. Maintain a Balanced and Routine Diet

In the Top 10 instructions for healthy life, we keep Balanced and routine diet in the first place. It is the most important and number one basic need for the body.

If you want to keep yourself healthy and fit then you have to take your meal timely and in the same time you should try to take enough nutritional food. This is the first condition for maintaining a healthy life.

2. Take a Bath Regularly

In the top 10 instructions for good health we keep the bath in the 2nd place. It is very important for the human. Every person should take a bath at least one time in a day.

If you can take the bath two times in a day then it will be better. This term helps us to control our body heat and it is very important for the healthy life.

3. Drink Enough Water

In our Top 10 instructions for healthy life we keep drink enough water in the 3rd place. Water is not only important for the human but also important for all the creatures. Any creatures can’t live with out water.

For maintaining a healthy body then you have to drink enough water daily. A man should drink 4 liter of water daily and along with a few cups of green tea will keep your day running.

4. Brush Your Teeth Properly

In our top 10 instructions for good health we keep brushing your teeth properly in the 4th place. It is one of the most important terms for keeping a healthy life. A person should brush teeth after taking the meal.

In the night after taking the dinner the people must brush the teeth. If you are not brushing your teeth properly of regularly then you must affected by various diseases including mouth problems.


5. Watching Television

We keep Watching television in the 5th place of our top 10 instructions for good health. Almost every people have the television in their home. There are many people who spend a big time by watching television.

Spend a long time in front of a screen is not good for health. The people should not spend 4 hours in a sit.

6. Regular Exercise

We place the exercise in the 6th position of the top 10 instructions for good health list. It is very important terms for keeping a health y life.

Every people should take a physical exercise regularly. Select a time for the exercise. Always maintain a time for doing this.

7. Always Keep Your Hands Clean

We place clean hands in the top 10 instructions for good health list’s 7th place. You should always try to clan your hands clean.

Wash your hands if you just come from the outside. You must wash you hands before eating.

8. Give Up Smoking

We put the give up smoking in top 10 instructions for good health list and it gets perfect 8th position based on our research. It is a dangerous bad habit.

Many fatal diseases including censer can cause by the smoking. If you maintain a healthy and happy physical life then you have to give up the habit of smoking. The passive smoking is also dangerous like active smoking.

9. Avoid Over Eating

Top 10 instructions for being healthy list contains avoid over eating instruction at the 9th place. Over eating is not good for the health.

It can cause much disease of disorder in your body. Maintaining the habit of over eating must cause a great harm to your body. So you must avoid over eating.

10. Avoid Junk Food

As the 10th and last tips of our top 10 instructions for good health we keep the avoid junk foods. This types of food is very damageable for you health.


If you continue this food habits for a long then you have to face with many health problems. The chemical which is used in junk foods is very dangerous for the human health. So you should avoid this kind of foods.

End Words

All these tips are really helpful and if you can follow them regularly, surely you will get results. However, there is no guarantee for preferable results.

We strongly suggest you get instructions from professionals and BetterHelp therapists are there to help you.

Only a professional who examined you thoroughly can understand your situation. After that he/she can recommend the instruction set for better health.