Top 10 List of Mobile Companies

1. Apple: Apple’s iPhones are very famous for their easy user interfaces, brilliant multi-touch screens, selection of applications and gorgeous looks. Along with the Apple’s iOS operating system iPhone is loaded with fantastic features like high-grade cameras, user-friendly media player, push e-mail, super fast 3G web browsing and web based applications like Google Weather and Map. Beside the wonderful functions iPhone got a brilliant and aesthetic design. That’s why Apple is in the top position in the Top 10 List of mobile companies.

2. BlackBerrie: BlackBerrie has became very popular after the arrival of the 8800, 7100 and Curve series. Most of the successful BlackBerrie handsets have push e-mail, high capability of MicriSD cards, fantastic media players and cameras, powerful web browser with faster web surfing ability, stylish view and so on. Meanwhile many BlackBerrie handsets got QWERTY keyboard making the composing of e-mails a breeze. The latest BlackBerrie handsets have touchscreen for navigating menus and useful facilities like online map to see your current location. The Curve series has given a new level of stylish look to smartphones. This company is in the second position in the Top 10 List of mobile companies. Now it stopped producing phones while their software business got a boost.

3. HTC: HTC is a successful mobile manufacture and a fastest growing company. Its handsets are very po9werful among the handsets available in the market. The HTC mobiles run with the Windows Mobile operating System. This allows the users to view, edit and create different short of MS office files like MS Word, Excel and Power Point. The handsets also got Outlook Mobile to the let the users experience a wide range of e-mail experience. The phones also include huge multimedia facilities, wireless connection, 3G internet, large and colorful screens which made these handsets so popular. HTC is in the third place in the Top 10 List of mobile companies.

4. Google: When the Apple companies co-founder Steve Wozniak told that Google’s handset is his ‘favorite gadget’, then I think there nothing much to say about Google’s handsets. The handsets come with Google’s Android operating system with many useful applications pre-loaded including Facebook, YouTube and Google Maps. Another facility that specifies its handsets is the facility of customizing the handsets. This company is in the fourth place in the Top 10 List of mobile

5. Nokia: Nokia handsets attract peoples because of their attractive style, friendly interface and the product of the handsets of all buying ranges. After its beginning, soon it became a trusted brand and was in the top position for last decade. Nokia 1100 and Nokia Brick Phone (Nokia 3310)is a evergreen mobile which is still the largest selling mobile ever. Nokia has attracted its customers mainly by the N-series mobiles. These are one of the most powerful and advanced handsets available. They are packed with advanced features, fast browsing, high-quality cameras and multimedia facilities. Nokia E-series and XpressMusic series handsets are also popular. Nokia is in the fifth position in the Top 10 List of mobile companies.

6. Samsung: Samsung mobiles are popular for their easy-to-use models, rich functions and keen prices. It offers special music based handsets which uses the audio technology of Olufsen, Bang and ICEpower. Its unique SmartBass system gives the users a high-quality sound system. Its camera based mobiles also gain success. This company is the first which lunched 8MP camera in mobile. The Samsung Galaxy S is one of its most powerful and successful handset. Samsung is in the sixth position in the Top 10 List of mobile companies.

7. LG: LG mobile phones impact in the market by its wonderful looking touchscreen mobiles which has aesthetic looks. Besides the artificial look, it also gave emphasis on imaging. It has handsets with 8MP camera professional Schneider-Kreuznach lenses and studio-quality imaging. LG also have handsets with the facility of DVD-quality video capture and fast rate of capturing frame. Recently LG lunched a handset with Duel-Core processor which is first time in mobile history. This company is in the seventh position in the Top 10 List of mobile companies.

8. Sony Ericsson: Sony Ericsson manufactures all range of handsets like multi-functional smartphones, music-focused or camera based phones. After the incorporation of Walkman Phones it pa10ted the equalizer named MegaBase which gives rich and full sonic experience. With the stylish look, option to make playlists and shaking control technology such as W980, W580 and W890, it ensured the popularity of the Walkman series phones.  The W910I Walkman phone won the Best Handset Award from GSM Association in the year 2008. The camera based Cybershot and the Xperia series are also very popular. Sony Ericsson is in the eighth position in the Top 10 List of mobile companies

9. Motorola: Motorola handsets are popular for user-friendly operating systems, useful functions and design. The ultra thin handset RAZR was the iconic handset when it was lunched. Before the iPhone was lunched the RAZR3 was the best selling handset in US. Recently Motorola lunched some handsets on Google’s Android platform which is much popular. Motorola is in the ninth position in the Top 10 List of mobile companies.

10. Palm: Palm Inc. was a smartphone manufacturing company headquartered in Sunnyvale, California. It was responsible for the handsets running by the Palm OS Garnet, like Palm Pilot, Palm III, Palm V, Palm VII, Pre, Pixi, Tero etc. In 2009 it announced a new OS named webOS. In 2010 Palm was acquired by HP. This company is in the last position in the Top 10 List of mobile companies.

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