Top 10 List of Most Expensive Books and Manuscripts

Most Expensive Books and Manuscripts

In the Top 10 List we tell our audience about different matters. In this Top 10 List we discuss about the Top 10 List of most expensive books and manuscripts. We hope that this will be very informative to our audience. By this Top 10 List we are going to introduce some expensive books and manuscripts with our audience.

1. Codex Leicester: in the Top 10 List of most expensive books and manuscripts we keep Codex Leicester in the 1st place. This is a journal written by the famous artist and writer Leonard Da Vinci. It is also a manuscript also. The manuscript is handwritten in Italian on 18 separate sheets of paper that are folded in half and double-sided to create a 72-page document. The founder of Microsoft Bill Gates has bought this for $30.8 million in 1994.Now the market value of this book is about $44 million.

2. Gospels of Henry the Lion: It is one of the most expensive books in the word history. This book was written near to 1188. This manuscript was written by the Monks of the Benedictine monastery Helmarshausen at Henry’s request. In 1983 this book is was sold for $12 million and now the market value of those amount of money is about $25.5 million. In this book there are 266 pages and 50 little paintings.

3. Magna Carta: It is a famous ancient manuscript. This great book was written near to 1245. This document was set forth during King John’s reign. Owned by the Ross Perot Foundation, this was the only copy still in private hands today. It was bought by David Rubinstein of the Carlyle Group, who wanted to return it to the National Archives, where it has been displayed in the past. The final selling price was $21.3 million for this unusual slice of history.

4. Birds of America: “Birds of America” was written by the famous artist and author James Audubon.” Birds of America” has total four volumes. With more than 400 paintings of different species, Audubon used these illustrations to create hand-painted engraved plates that were sold as sets between 1827 and 1838. In 2000 this book was sold in a U.S auction for $8.8 million and the value of $8.8 million is close to million today.

5. First Folio (Comedies, Histories and Tragedies): This book was written by the great English poet and writer William Shakespeare. Histories and Tragedies, which was published in 1623 several years after his death, is indeed a record setter for the price it received at auction in 2006. Only 750 copies of this book were ever made and Only 750 copies of this book were ever made and this copy is one of the few that is left in private collectors’ hands. This book was first sold for 20 shillings. This priceless book was sold for $5.2 million in 2006.

6. Traite des Arbres Fruitiers: It is a five volume book written by Henri Louis Duhamel du Monceau around 1750. The series sold at auction in 2006 for $4.5 million, which today translates to about $4.7 million. The book is written on fruit trees.

7. Cosmography: The work is based on the research of a Greek mathematician, geographer and astronomer named Ptolemy who lived in the second century. Only two copies of this book remain in the hands of private collectors today. One of them last sold in 2006 for $4 million, which when adjusted for inflation equals more than $4.2 million today.

8. The Tales of Beedle the Bard: The Tales of Beedle the Bard, which is a hand-written manuscript that she created on fine Italian paper with silver and moonstone embellishments. This book was sold for $3.98 million.

9. Vita Christi Manuscript: A very old and very unusual English manuscript containing more than 100 hand-painted pictures illustrating the life of Christ recently sold at auction. This piece was recently sold by Sotheby’s in London to a German collector, who paid $3.5 million for it.

10. Abraham Lincoln Letter: This document was written by Lincoln in response to a petition signed by 195 children who asked the president to free all young slaves in the United States. In this letter Abraham Lincoln mentioned that he grant the wish of the children.  The final selling price for this rare piece of history was $3.4 million.

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