Top 10 List of Most Playing Games in the World

In this article we try to serve the Top 10 List of various matters. In this Top 10 List we represent the top 10 games of the world. This Top 10 List of games will help you to know much information about those games.

1. Football: In our Top 10 List we keep the football in the first position. It is the most popular game in the world. In every country play football. The roman and Greeks was played the game for first time. It also played in China in the ancient time. England makes the game smarter. FIFA is the height commend of paying football. World cup is the most prestigious title in football. People of all age of the world love football very much.

2. Basket Ball: We think that we should keep the basket ball in the 2nd position in our Top 10 List. It is also one of the most popular games of the world. It is also the game of the tall mans. The highest association of Basket ball is FIBA. The full name of FIBA is Federation of basket ball association. Basket ball was first played in 1891 in USA. USA is the home land of basketball. It is indoor game. It requires 5 players for playing. It include in Olympic in 1936.

3. Tennis: We keep the tennis in the third position in our Top 10 List. Tennis is also one of the most popular games in the world. Tennis was first played in 19th century in Britain. The game was first place in Birmingham. Australian open, US open, ranch open are the main tournament of Tennis. Wimbledon is the most prestigious and valuable title of tennis. These are the four Grand Slam of Tennis worlds. Wimbledon is played in the grass courts and US open is played in hard courts.

4. Golf: We put the Golf in the 4th position in our Top 10 List. It is the game for gentlemen. Golf the most costly game of the world and popular too. It is an outdoor game. The golf was first played in Rome. The modern Golf was first played in 1945 in Scotland. A big area is required for playing golf. The Golf is controlled USGA.

5. Auto Racing: In our Top 10 List we keep the Auto racing in the 5th position. Auto Racing is the most popular sports in the world. The Auto racing all over the world is controlled by FIA. The Auto racing was first took place in 28 April 1887. Auto racing is also known as Automobile racing or Car racing. Formula one is the most popular racing in racing tracks.

6. Cricket: In our Top 10 List we keep the cricket in the 6th position. It is the most popular game in Asia. The home land of cricket is England. The height governing body of cricket is ICC. The full name of ICC is International Cricket Council. 11 players have to require for playing cricket. The cricket was first originated in 15th century. There are three types of cricket they are test cricket it requires five days for a match, one day match it requires total 6 or 7 hours for finish and t-20 it the most recent, it took 3 hours to finish. T-20 is the most popular among.

7. Hockey: In our Top 10 List we keep the hockey in the 7th position. It is also a popular game in the world. The hockey was first played in Egypt. It is a team play. Each team consists of 11 players. The modern hockey was first originated in Ireland. We found of evidence of hockey in Athens museum which was the evidence of 600.

8. Badminton: In our Top 10 List we keep the badminton in the 8th position. The highest authority in BWF (Badminton World Federation).Badminton was first played in 18th century in British India. The BWF was founded in1934. The badminton was first joined with the Olympic in 1992. It is indoor types of game. It is the most popular game in china.

9. Baseball: In our Top 10 List we keep the baseball in the 9th position. It is the most popular game in North America. The game was first played in England in 19 June 1846. The game was first join with the Olympic in 1992. It plays between two teams. Each team consist nine players. It is also popular in central of South America, North Asia, and in Europe. Big field is requires for playing Baseball.

10. Rugby: In our Top 10 List we keep the rugby in the 10th position. It is the popular game in Europe, North America and in Australia. The game is developed from English Public School. The Rugby is been paying since 1870. Willim Weeb Ellis first made the rules for rugby.

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