Top 10 List of Villains in Bollywood

This Top 10 List is for the media loving people. In the Top 10 List we tell you about the Top 10 List of villains in bollywood. We hope that all the media loving people love this list.

1. Gabbar: In the Top 10 List of villains in Bollywood we keep Gabbar in the 1st place. It is the iconic villain character in Bollywood. Amjad Khan acted as Gabbar n the film Sholay. Have some of the most memorable names in his gang- Sambha and Kaaliya. Has a taste for gypsy music with bonfire and Helen.

2. Mogambo: We keep Mogambo in the 2nd place in our Top 10 List. Amrish Puri was played the character of Mogambo in the film Mr. India. Owns an army of dedicated soldiers who keep shouting “Hail Mogambo” was his main activities.

3. Kancha Cheena: In the Top 10 List villains we keep Kancha Cheena in the 3rd place. Danny Denzongpa played the character of Kancha Cheena in the film Agneepath. In this film he looked very dangerous.

4. Dr. Dang: In the Top 10 List of villains we keep Dr. Dang in the 4th place. Anupam Kher played the role of Dr. Dang in the film Karma. Evil plans associated with spreading terror. Somehow gets easily captured by old jailor Dilip Kumar. Very sensitive about his cheeks being molested is his main activities in the film.

5. Gulfam Hassan: In the Top 10 List of villains we keep Gulfaam Hassan in the 5th place. Naseeruddin Shah played the role of Gulfaam Hassan in the film Sarfarosh. Ghazal Singer who playbacks Jagjit Singh’s vocals perfectly and carries out terrorist activates from his ancestral fort in Behind, Rajasthan was his main activities.

6. Sunil Malhotra: In the Top 10 List of villains we keep Sunil Malhotra in the 6th place. Sharukh Khan played the role of Sunil Malhotra in the film Darr. The usual stalker syndromes, tattoo works on the chest, oh that’s not a tattoo, that’s inscribed by some knife.

7. Shakal: In the Top 10 List of most famous villains we keep Shaakaal in the 7th place. Kulbhushan Kharbanda played the role of Shaakaal in the film Shann. Owns a shark tank, sliding doors, moisturises scalp regularly.

8. Langda Tyagi: In the Top 10 List of villains we keep Langda Tyagi in the 8th place. Saif Ali Khan played the role of Langda Tyagi in the film Omkara. Rural, rustic dacoit, and foul-mouthed is his main activities in this film. Has a taste for jewellery.

9. Anna: In the Top 10 List of villain character we keep Anna in the 9th place. Nana Patekar played the role of Anna in the film Parinda. Ganglord and Bully right from childhood established as one of the first onscreen underworld characters of Bollywood. Has fear of fire and flips out every time he sees it.

10. Lotiya Pathan: In the Top 10 List of villain character we keep Lotiya Pathan in the 10th place. Kiran Kumar played the role of Lotiya Pathan in the film Tazaab.

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