Top 10 Longest Railway Tunnels in the World


Longest Railway Tunnels in the World

Railway is a good media for transportation. There are so many railways in the world where tunnel is very crucial. These railways are extremely long. These are the Top 10 Longest Railway Tunnel in the World.  Let’s see which the Top 10 longest Railway Tunnels in the World are.

1. Gotthard Base Tunnel: This greatest tunnel is located in Swiss Alps. The Gotthard Base Tunnel and the Zimmerberg base Tunnel are the northern part of the Gotthard axis of the Alptransit project. Overview line Alp Transit location Swiss Alps. Status under construction start Erstfeld ends Bodio operation work begun 1996 opened Dec 2016. The owner of this tunnel is Swiss Federal Railways. The length of this tunnel is 57.104 km.

2. Seikan Tunnel: Seikan Tunnel is located in Japan. The operation opened 13 March 1988. The owner of this tunnel is Japan Railway Construction, Transport and Technology Agency. The operator is JR Hokkaido. Technical Track length is 53.85 km. Seikan Tunnel is in the 2nd position of these Top 10 Longest Railway Tunnels in the World.

3. Channel Tunnel: Channel tunnel has connected England and France through Strait of Dover. Status active start Folkestone, kent, United Kingdom end Coquelles, Pas-de-Calasis. France operation opened 6May 1994 and passenger service started 14 November 1994. The owner of the tunnel is Eurotunnel. The technical line length 50.45 km.

4. Lotschberg Railway Line: This tunnel is also located in Switzerland. The track gauge is 1,435 mm. Minimum radius 300m. The highest elevation of this tunnel is 1,240 m. The Lotschberg Railway line is in the 4th position of our list.

5. Guadarrama Rail Tunnel: The Guadarrama Tunnel is a railway tunnel is located in Spain across Sierra de Guadarrama along the high speed route Madrid-Valladolid. The tunnel has two tubes. The western tube is 28,407m long and the eastern is 28,418m long and it is the longest tunnel in Spain. The tunnel was opened for traffic December 2007.

6. Tailhang Tunnel China: Taihang Tunnel is currently the longest mountain railway tunnel in China. It is a double track tunnel, and was built to allow the Shitai Passenger Railway to cross the taihang Mountains. The left track is 27,839 meters long and the right one is 27, 848 meters long. The tunnel was finished on Dec 22, 2007.

7. Iwate Ichinohe Tunnel: In the 7th position of these Top 10 Longest Railway Tunnels in the World is Japanese tunnel. The Iwate-Ichinohe Tunnel is a 25.810 km terrestrial railway tunnel in Japan-part of the Tohoku Shinkansen, linking Tokyo with Aomori. When opened in 2002 it was the longest in-use terrestrial tunnel in world, but the title was overtaken by the latschberg Base Tunnel in June 2007.

8. Daishimizu Tunnel Japan: The Daishimizu Tannel is a railway tunnel on the Joetsu Shinkansen on the border of Gunma Prefecture and Niigata Prefecture, Japan. In 1978, the Dai-Shimizu tunnel was completed in 1982. This tunnel was dug for the Joetsu Shinkansen that was to be completed in 1982. This tunnel was the longest tunnel in the world at 22,200m.

9. Simplon I and II: The 9th position of these Top 10 Longest Railway Tunnels in the World belongs to the Simplon I and II. The tunnel is located in Italy and Switzerland. This tunnel is an Alpine railway tunnel that connects the Swiss town of Bring with Domodossola in Italy. Before opening of Daishimizu Tunnel in 1982 it was the longest tunnel in the world. The tunnel is 19700 meters long and it was opened in 1906. The second tube of the tunnel was opened in 1921.

10. Vereina Tunnel Switzerland: The Vereina Tunnel is a railway tunnel located in eastern Switzerland which is 19,058 meters long. The tunnel is the longest meter gauge railway tunnel in the world. In length, it is followed by the Furka Base Tunnel and the Albula Tunnel. The construction began in 1991 and the tunnel opened to traffic November 19, 1999. The total cost was 812 million.