Top 10 Marathons in the US

Top 10 Marathons in the USMarathon isn’t just a race event, it is the father of all longer range running events. Running marathons requires a lot stamina, high morale and a lot of practice and preparations. You will require the best marathon gears and accessories to complete your preparations. Women need specialized women’s marathon gears Many marathon take place in the US and the top 10 marathons in the US list below listed all the popular and historical marathons of the country.


Top 10 Marathons in the US in This Year

Join the race as a runner or be a spectator, you will love that you made the choice. If marathon is too hard for you or you want to prepare for a full marathon, then joining half marathons first will be a better choice. Check the top 10 half marathons in the US to short list the half marathon you wanna join first and enjoy.

1. Boston Marathon

As a legendary race, the Boston Marathon is the oldest and prestigious race among all the yearly marathons in the world and it is the best among top 10 marathons in the US. It started at the early 20th century and have a history of over 112 years. After the beginning this race never missed a year. Roughly 25,000 or more runners complete it and the usual number of starters are over 1,00,000. You must have certificate from a certified marathon that you can complete the race. Other marathons do lotteries for the runners but for this race either you get the certificate or you have to donate in any of its charity events. The lowest donation amount is $5000.

The finish line is Copley Square’s Boylston Street and the race will start from Hopkinton town. The whole city people will cheer for you and you will find a lot of tourist watching you. People from all the states along with runners from all over the world will join the race. The hills and rough terrain will be challenging for the runners and all the cheering and excitement will help the runners to keep going on till the finishing line.

2. Big Sur International Marathon

Big Sur International Marathon is popular for the views and scenes along the running course and it is the 2nd best of our top 10 marathons in the US list. The Pacific Ocean coast along with the redwoods will make the race exciting and pleasant to the eyes. Race support and volunteers are really helpful and you will get all the thing you need while trying your hardest to complete the race. Though the race course has tough terrain and hilly roads so you must prepare for a tough race till the end.

3. Chicago Marathon

As the 3rd pick top 10 marathons in the US, Chicago Marathon is popular for its fast track and fast running records. Many marathon world records are broken here and numerous world records also set here. The course is clean and fast. Runners will get astonishing crowd support and the volunteers and race supports are generous too.

On the bank of Lake Michigan, The Grant Part is the course starting point, the course will also end at Grant Park. The course will take place throughout the Windy City, Chinatown Gate, Chicago Board of Trade, United Center, Willis Tower, Lincoln Park Zoo and other historical and popular places of the city. Prepare for a fast and exciting marathon you can think of before joining it.

4. Walt Disney World Marathon

Starting from 1994 this marathon has its own charisma. The whole Disney studio will be present on the marathon course. Runners can take pictures with famous characters of Disney. Over 30,000 people join this race every year and it is a true international event because people from over 30 countries joins the marathon last year. And this year the Disney Marathon authority is expecting runners from more than 35 countries.

5. New York City Marathon

NYC Marathon is also a popular marathon race in the US. It is second to the Boston Marathon only by the runner numbers only. But with other activities both can have the same impression and impact on the media and people. For the last few years, the spectators and runner’s numbers went really high and it has become the largest marathon of the world. Over 2.5 million spectators were present at the last marathon. Lottery is the main process to gain access in the race but there is another option for the charity but the number of participants by charity is small and limited. If you miss the marathon, then you are always welcome to the half marathon.

6. Los Angeles Marathon

At the starting point, Dodger Stadium, over 25,000 runners join the race and though this an old and big town marathon, it has the feel of small town with a lot of spectators. While the volunteers and race support are super helpful you can’t just ignore the view of the course. You will past all the historical and popular places of LA and the race will end at the Santa Monica Pier where you will be greeted warmly and the after party is something to remember for a long time.

7. Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon

Though this race was started by local runners as a simple event of fun but now it pasts its 18th season and becomes one of the largest marathons as you can see on the continent. Over 30,000 runners attend and finish the race. There are always over 1,00,000 applications to join the race and increasing every year so lottery has become the best source to get the quota of runners among them. The race course is populated by over 2,00,000 spectators and the runners will cross Ohio River bridge and go right through Cincinnati and surrounding areas.

8. Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas Marathon

Las Vegas is a city of enjoyment and its annual Rock ‘n’ Roll marathon is something to enjoy and participate. There are two different process to join the marathon. One is by lottery and another is by charity. Either way you have to pay the entry fees. All the live bands, water stations and cheerleaders will make the race exciting and you will be happy that you got the chance to attend or at least enjoy it from the spectators point. This is a night time race, so feel free to enjoy the night life of Las Vegas.

9. Detroit Free Press/Talmer Bank Marathon

Detroit is a border city between US and Canada, and by joining the Detroit Marathon, you will enjoy beautiful scenery from both countries thus making our top 10 marathons in the US list. The race course includes both countries area so you have to cross the border two times as the race continues. This is one of the fast marathons and first time marathon joiners will get extra care facility from the race supports and spectators as all first timer will get a green number.

10. Miami Marathon

Miami is a heavenly place for beach lovers and here at the Miami beach of South Florida an annual marathon takes place every year without this our list of to 10 marathons in the US will be incomplete. Hilly road and rough terrain will make the marathon course tough, but you also have to know that you there will be 15 Miami entertainment ports to keep you running along with beautiful view of the area. The beaches and hills along the course will keep all the runner’s morale at the top don’t feel astonished if you recognize some of these places because many TV shows and movies were filmed there.

There are many other marathons take place in the country, and many of them have huge popularity. If you have the time and energy, then join as many as you can. But always be prepared fully for the race because this a long race and you will need your morale high with constant stamina to run a marathon. We hope you enjoyed our top 10 list of marathon in the US.