Top 10 Most Dangerous Sports in the World

Top 10 Most Dangerous Sports in the World

Sports are parts of man’s history. The only thing that changes is the types of sports that people engage in depending on the generation. Today, we have so many sports that people may not know them all. Soccer, athletics, and another few are widely-known and perhaps the most common. However, we have some sports that are considered as dangerous because they pose health risks to the players, and sometimes they are even fatal. Here are the top 10 most dangerous sports in the world according to various reports.

1. Scuba Diving

This sport involves getting in the water with specialized gear to explore the marine scenery. Scuba stands for “self-contained underwater breathing apparatus.” They come in different shapes and sizes. However, the danger lies when people get tempted to go further down the ocean and the pressure increases. According to health experts, it is easy to puncture the internal organs like the eardrum and liver. They also mention that the blood will not circulate to all parts of the body conveniently, which is a further health effect. Lastly, there is the danger of meeting marine animals that can attack you.

2. Horse Riding

Horses have been around for as long as the history of man. In fact, until recently, people have stopped relying on horses as a means of transport. Today, horse riding is more of a sport. The danger in riding horses is in falling off if the saddle is not fastened well or you are not experienced with riding it. Some people also fail to focus and end up getting hit by tree branches.

3. Bull Riding

Some cultures value bull riding as an important ritual rather than just a sport. They even have a festival where entire communities come to play and watch bull riding. However, this might be the most dangerous sport in the entire world. The bulls rage furiously and the riders try to hold onto their backs for the longest time possible. Once you fall on the ground, you have to run for your life as the already provoked bulled will be ready to stick you with its sharp horns. Every bull riding event must have ambulances and medical doctors on standby to deal with injured people.

4. Gymnastics

This sport is not popular, though it is performed by many people around the world. Some high schools and colleges have gymnastic clubs with highly-trained tutors and coaches. Jumping and climbing up the bars as you perform the gymnastic moves poses a big risk to joints and muscles. Most of the players can confirm a time or two when they had to deal with painful and life-threatening injuries. Gymnastics does not involve the use of any protective gear because a person must be as free as possible.

5. Cycling

Cycling has been practiced since the invention of the bicycle. It is a fun activity done by people for leisure or tournaments. Whether you are cycling alone or with a whole team, the dangers are almost the same. The bicycle may crash against a fallen object or just lose balance, sending riders to the ground, and those close behind will follow suit. The most common injuries caused by this include bruises, joint and bone fractures, and sometimes head injuries. Worst still, cyclists can be run over by vehicles if they are using busy roads.

6. Boxing

All boxers are fond of taking steroids and working out hard. According to a reliable steroid seller, most of their clients are boxers and wrestlers who want to gain as much muscle as possible. But have you ever wondered where they utilize all of this energy and power? It is through punching each other in the head and other parts of the body. Although the players use boxing gloves, exposing your body to such punches can have adverse health effects on your body.

7. Martial Arts

Martial arts are closely related to boxing. It involves fighting in a specific style like karate, tae kwon do, and jiu jitsu, among others. People expose themselves to great dangers as the opponent may overlook the rules and kick your body harder than required. Reports indicate that some people have lost their lives as they engage in such sports. However, they are fun and most people love them.

8. Soccer

This is the most popular sport in the world. It has more fans than any other. Also, it is normal to find a national soccer team in almost every nation together with numerous other teams from schools and clubs. But how could such a popular sport be dangerous? We hear of injuries every other day resulting from soccer matches. Also, running up and downfield for 90 minutes could have other adverse effects on the body.

9. Rugby

The main risk caused by this sport is getting crushed by gigantic players. That is why some players wear helmets, knee guards, and other protective gear. The impact a person receives as the players run and knock each other onto the ground may be a significant potential danger. It is not recommended to play rugby for your entire life to avoid getting exposed to risk all throughout.

10. Motor Racing

Motor racing has killed a significant number of people. Although they take precautions by wearing protective gear and modifying the vehicle cabin to be more firm, there is still a high risk. As people race, they know that anything could happen, like crashing and getting injured in the process. However, motor racing is still a popular sport that amuses both the drivers and audience in the best way.


Now that you know the most dangerous sports in the world, it is time to weigh your options before you join one. Some have more risks than others, but when safety precautions and procedures are observed, you will get a better chance to enjoy them. All in all, you must be ready to deal with health effects that may result, especially permanent injuries that cause disabilities.