Top 10 Most Popular Cat Breeds

Top 10 Most Popular Cat Breeds

Cat as a pet is loved by all. There aren’t many people who don’t love cat and even if we can’t have a pet cat we always want to have one. There are hundreds of cat breeds in the world and creating a top 10 most popular cat breeds list is no easy task. We have researched and interviewed many cat lovers and pet cat owners to make our list. Please read the below list of top 10 most popular cat breeds before making your choice about your preferred cat breed.

Oriental cat breed

1. Oriental

This cat breed is kin to the Siamese with an inquisitive personality and big pointed ears. It is also a smart cat breed with social interaction with its owner.

The Oriental cat breed is also a loyal and playful companion if you are looking to adopt one. Moreover, it has an amazing combination of fur colors that should make them appear even more elegant.

American Shorthair cat breed

2. American Shorthair

Based from its genealogy, this type of cat is a decendant of the British Shorthair. However, it has a leaner, larger, and more powerful physique compared to its counterpart.

You can also observe that the American Shorthair is gentle, easygoing, healthy, and low maintenance cat breed. For this reason, grooming should never be an issue as it comes with a huge range of colors and patterns that you should appreciate.

Apart from all that, it has a lifespan of about 15-20 years. It is also better with kids and even gets along well with your canine pet if you prefer to have both breeds at home.

Birman cat breed

3. Birman

With its origin from Burma, the Birman cat breed is full of mystery. It came from a legend that this cat breed was the protector of temples in Burma.

As you observe its appearance, you can determine its breed just by looking at its blue eyes, as well as the dark points on its face, ears, tail, and legs. This type of cat breed is also a loving and playful companion that can stay quiet when you are busy.

Sphynx cat breed

4. Sphynx

This cat breed is a hairless pet that has a fine peach-like fuzz on its skin that makes it sensitive to the elements and the sun. Due to its sensitivity, it is considered an indoor cat which you can feel from its warm, energetic, and affectionate nature.

Ragdoll cat breed

5. Ragdoll

Due to the floppy and relaxed nature of this cat breed, the breeder has named it in the early 1960s as the Ragdoll. Perhaps this was due to its affectionate and gentle characteristics, often following its owners from one room to another.

Siamese cat breed

6. Siamese

The Siamese cat breed is a type of animal that like to chat with its owners. Likewise, it is a very athletic cat that could settle with one person as it is a loyal and loving breed.

Moreover, it can be a nervous and sensitive cat, which might be because it is a creature of routine and habit. It might not be the cat for you if you are often traveling because of its characteristic and behavior. You should also consider investing in some toys and furniture that will keep her busy and occupied.

Abyssinian cat breed

7. Abyssinian

Considered as one of the lookers in the cat world, the Abyssinians are elegant and thin with a shiny coat. Aside from that, they are also very friendly and playful, as they are very active felines.

It also loves to play especially when there is water in the tub. But even with its curious characteristic, it is still generally timid and shy when surrounded by strangers.

Exotic Shorthair cat breed

8. Exotic Shorthair

This cat breed is akin to the short-haired version of the Persian cat. It has rounded ears and squashed face, which looks more than a teddy bear which is cuddlier than your regular cat.

Maine Coon cat breed

9. Maine Coon

A native to Maine, this cat breed is beautiful. It is also among the biggest of the breeds of domestic cats. It even takes 3-4 years before it can reach its full physical maturity.

Not only is it a popular breed due to its temperament, it is so because it is a great mouser. Likewise, it is a great companion for kids and even other animals such as dogs.

Persian cat breed

10. Persian

The Persian cat breed is renowned for its silky fur, squashed face, and expressive eyes. Likewise, it is one of the oldest cat breeds that you can find nowadays.

If you are fond of this type of cat breed, then keep in mind that it is calm and affectionate in nature. It also loves serene environments, as well as regular baths and daily grooming.