Top 10 Near Extinct Species

Top 10 Near Extinct Species

There are a lot animals, trees, insects, birds, fishes and other species in this world. Some of them we know, some of them we heard sometimes in our life and many of them we don’t know about. There are many species those have a large numbers, some have lesser numbers and some are nearing extinction if certain precaution isn’t taken in time.


Top 10 Near Extinct or Threaten Species

There are many species those are already extinct and some are about to be extinct. This time we are going to inform you about Top 10 near Extinct Species like the slowest three toed sloth. Hope you all guys like this information and improve your knowledge about Top 10 near Extinct Species.

Sumatran Tiger

1. Sumatran Tiger

Sumatran tiger is a wonderful species of Sunda Island big cats. There are three kinds of tigers in Indonesia such as Bali tiger, Javan tiger and this Sumatran tiger. But the effects of development of civilization on these species are so great. These dangerous beauties are near of extinct. About 600 tigers are surviving in the nature of Indonesia. So, the Sumatran Tiger is in the 1st position of these Top 10 near Extinct Species.

Cross River Gorilla

2. Cross River Gorilla

This former king of the forest is now near of extinct. Moreover 300 cross river gorilla is in the jungles of Nigeria and Cameroon which was called their home. Consistent hunting for bush meat and capturing for zoos are the main cause of destroying this species. Though it was believed the cross river gorilla was completely extinct in the 1980’s. So, Cross River Gorilla is in the 2nd position of these Top 10 near Extinct Species.

Javan Rhinoceros

3. Javan Rhinoceros

It is another Indonesian animal which is near extinct. Javan Rhinoceros is a very unusual mammal. It is only found in Indonesia and Vietnam. But because of people’s destructive activities they are almost extinct. Poachers are also responsible. There are only 60 Javan Rhinoceros are in nature. If the illegal hunting continues then it will be extinct forever. Javan Rhinoceros is in the 3rd position of these Top 10 near Extinct Species.


Mekong Giant Catfish

4. Mekong Giant Catfish

Mekong Giant Catfish is an amazing creature. It is only found in the river of Southeast Asia. But this species estimated that just a few hundred remain as a result of overfishing. Even though they are protected in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia their decline continues-leading many to estimate they will be extinct before we know it. The 4th position of these Top 10 near Extinct Species belongs to the Mekong Giant Catfish.

Borneo Pygmy Elephant

5. Borneo Pygmy Elephant

Borneo Pygmy Elephant is native to northern Borneo. They stand around half a meter shorter than its Asian neighbor. Borneo pygmy Elephant is less intelligent than any other species of elephant. This lack of brainpower may be to blame for their diminished. People kill them for eating manmade palm plantation. There are a few in the nature and it is in the 5th position of these Top 10 near Extinct Species.

Giant Panda

6. Giant Panda

Giant Panda is a popular animal. They are famous for cuteness and peacefulness. Giant Panda is found in Asian forest reasons in China, Burma and Vietnam. Destruction of habitat has brought their numbers down to well below 2000 in total, a large percentage of which are kept in captivity. Giant panda is in the 6th position of these Top 10 near Extinct Species.

Iberian Lynx

7. Iberian Lynx

This impressive wild cat is near to extinct. The home of Iberian Lynx is Europe. In Europe it can be found in Spain and Portugal, though can now only be found in certain areas of the former. The illegal introduction of Myxomatosis in France in the 1950’s soon spread to wipe out a vast majority of the rabbits throughout Spain too, leaving the lynx without a primary food source. This time there are highest 100-150 Iberian Lynx is in the wild. It is in the 7th position of these Top 10 near Extinct Species.


Silky Sifaka

8. Silky Sifaka

Another primate very much at risk is the Silky Sifaka a species of lemur native to the north-eastern rain forests of Madagascar. Hunted by local people for their meat for generations, population numbers have been dangerously low for some time now. There are a few hundred or more in the wild. Silky Sifaka is in the 8th position of these Top 10 near Extinct Species.


9. Vaquita

The 9th position of these Top 10 near Extinct Species belongs to the Vaquita. It is already a rare creature. Vaquita is a species of Porpoise indigenous to the Gulf of Mexico or California. It is estimated that anywhere between 40 and 80 Vaquitas are accidentally killed each year as a result of gill net fishing in the region. They can survive in the warmer temperature. But after all these only two and three hundred is in the wild.

Golden-Headed Langur

10. Golden-Headed Langur

Golden-Headed Langur is a wonderful creature of wild. It is the native to the dense Asian jungle environment of Vietnam’s vast countryside; the Golden-Headed Langur was placed in protection in the year 2000 as a result of being brought to extinctions door-step. There are only around 70 of the creatures left on the planet. Golden-headed Langur is in the 10th position of these Top 10 near Extinct Species.