Top 10 New Nokia 3310 Features

Top 10 New Nokia 3310 Features

Among feature phone Nokia 3310 is a legend. It is the most sold phone for Nokia phone manufacturing company before it was sold to Microsoft. People who have passionate love about this phone will be happy to know that Nokia will be relaunching this phone at the middle of this year (probably at the end of May).


Best New Nokia 3310 Features

It was popular for its simple features, longer battery life and the game named Snake. For its hardiness, the original Nokia 3310 was known as a brick phone. Nokia has provided some specifications and features of this phone and some of the features are new. We have created the top 10 new Nokia 3310 features, and the features are listed below:

  1. Refreshed Design: keeping the original design in mind the new Nokia 3310 has a new refreshed design. The original design and the new design have many similarities but the new design has a better look than the original.
  2. External Memory: The new Nokia 3310 has external SD card slot at the back of the phone. It can support upto 32 GB and its internal storage capacity is 16 MB.
  3. Dual SIM Option: The new Nokia 3310 will have single SIM and Dual-SIM features. The Dual-SIM feature is new to this phone. Both single and Dual SIM variants will support only mini-SIMs.
  4. All New Snake: the game Snake was a popular feature of the original Nokia 3310, and a new version of the game will be included in new Nokia 3310. Some other popular feature phone games will also be included in the phone.
  5. Longer Battery Life: The original phone of popular for its battery life but it only supported for 2.5 hours talk time and 11 days’ standby time. But the new Nokia will have 22 hours talk time and about a Month standby time. The original phone battery was 900mAh where the new one has 1200mAh.
  6. Color Display: While the original one has a small black/white display but the new brick phone will have 2.4-inch color display. In this era of big display smartphones that is a pretty small display size but comparing to the original Nokia 3310 it is a huge change.
  7. Music Player: the phone has a new MP3 player installed in it so playing music using the phone will be great. To store music, you have to add a micro-SD card in it. The audio jack is ever popular 3.5mm so you can attach all modern-day headphones with it.
  8. 2.0 MP Camera: The phone has a 2.0 MP low resolution camera attached at the back side of the phone. So, please think how you will feel when you can take pictures using a Nokia 3310. It will feel awesome. A LED flash will be added with the camera.
  9. Charging Port: The change in the charging port will make everyone happy because it will use micro USB charging port like all the smartphones on the market. So, you can use all available chargers on the market to charge your phone.
  10. Facebook and Twitter: This is one of the major features of the new Nokia 3310. The phone will have a built-in browser, using the browser you can browse internet. The Facebook and Twitter feature will really excite you.

Though all these new Nokia 3310 features are exciting and satisfactory but it also has some drawbacks. It can’t use 3G or 4G internet only 2.5G so internet browsing will not be fast. Really small screen to browse internet and checking all the features. The camera resolution is low so the picture quality will not be good. You can’t use the SD card other than storing pictures and music. All these drawbacks can be problematic but you can be getting many more features in this phone than the original brick phone. So, wait a few more weeks until the phone releases in the market.