Top 10 Pet Scorpion Species

Top 10 Pet Scorpion Species
Scorpions are known to be lethal but you must know there are some Pet Scorpion Species those aren’t lethal at all and they are loving pet for many people. Keeping Pet Scorpion Species as pet will need a lot attention and care than many other pets but you don’t have to take care of it all the time. They require regular care not 24 hours’ care and low maintenance pets.

Best Pet Scorpion Species

Though there are many species and sub-species of scorpion and many of them are lethal so first you should know which species of scorpion aren’t lethal and good for pet. You can keep lethal scorpion as pet too but we don’t recommend that and lethal scorpion will require extensive care and maintenance than poisonous snakes so finding the best Pet Scorpion Species will need extra care and information.


We have created a list of 10 pet scorpion species where some of them are harmless and best as pet scorpion, some are mildly harmful and some are lethal. If you have zero experience about pet scorpion, then you should start with the harmless scorpion species or other small pets like chinchilla. Please check our top 10 pet scorpion species below:

1. Emperor Scorpion

Emperor Scorpion
Emperor scorpion is the most popular scorpion species among all the scorpion species. They are harmless comparing to other species and they are good pet too. As a pet, Emperor scorpion satisfies all your needs and surely it can be the first pet scorpion of this kind. This scorpion species is calm and most comfortable with congested pet home habitat. You can use your used western box turtle home as its habitat and feeding it regularly is considerably easy task too. As the best Pet Scorpion Species Emperor Scorpion is really lovable among pet lovers and you should enjoy Emperor Scorpion’s company.

2. Pandinus Cavimanus

Pandinus Cavimanus
Pandinus Cavimanus is a sub-species of Pandinus that contains the famous Emperor scorpion species too. Pandinus Cavimanus is smaller than regular emperor scorpion but fairly harmless like the emperor scorpion. They can be found on African continent along with Arabian south coastal areas too along with other types of Pet Scorpion Species.

3. Heterometrus Spinifer

Heterometrus Spinifer
Heterometrus Spinifer is also known as Thai black scorpion. These scorpions are larger than the emperor scorpion species and slightly harmful comparing to them. They have deep dark color and usually they live with groups. So, when you pet them, try to put a pair with their habitat. They are intermediate level pet scorpion species.

4. Heterometrus Javanensis

Heterometrus Javanensis
Heterometrus Javanensis is similar to the Heterometrus Spinifer species. They live under the moisty forest of east Asian countries. They hide under the ground in the day time, because they are always active at night time to hunt their prey and do their daily chores. Heterometrus Javanensis are intermediate level scorpion pet that requires extra care than the Emperor Scorpion or other harmless Pet Scorpion Species.

5. Hadrurus Spadix

Hadrurus Spadix
Hadrurus Spadix also known as Desert Hairy Scorpion is one of the largest scorpion found in the North America. With a length of 5 inches, they are larger than other scorpions in the continent. They usually eat small snakes, lizards and even other types of scorpions. They are mildly harmful and not a beginner’s scorpion pet.

6. Hadrurus Arizonensis

Hadrurus Arizonensis
Hadrurus Arizonensis is a similar species of Hadrurus Spadax. They are from the same origin Hadrurus and have a size over 5.5 inches makes them largest among all the scorpion species in the continent. Both species have similar behavor for feeding and habitat too. There are some differences to their body structure to differentiate among them. Their vemon can be harmful for human so it’s now good for a first scorpion pet.

7. Bothriurus Bonnariensis

Bothriurus Bonnariensis
Bothriurus Bonnariensis is also known as Chilean Chocolate scorpion is a type of pet scorpion for people who have prior knowledge and experience of having pet scorpion for over a year because they have venom and they are slightly aggressive than other scorpion species we described up top.

8. Androctonus

The name Androctonus originated from the name man killer, so having this scorpion species as pet is harmful and lethal for human being. Be extra careful while petting this scorpion species because this scorpion may not be life threatening class poisonous but this Pet Scorpion Species can be harmful to make you bedridden for several days.

9. Vaejovis

Vaejovis is another harmful and lethal scorpion species. They are more aggressive than other scorpion species we described here and their sting are very painful comparing to others. This is the 9th member of our top 10 Pet Scorpion Species list.

10. Scorpio Maurus

Scorpio Maurus
Scorpio maurus is another venomous and harmful scorpion species and quite harmful for human but not lethal. The baby Scorpio maurus looks identical to the lethal Androctonus so don’t make this mistake because this mistake can be life threatening. This scorpion completes our top 10 Pet Scorpion Species list.