Top 10 Predictive Dialers

Top 10 Predictive Dialers

To learn about top 10 predictive dialers, we should learn about the predictive dialer first. So, what is a predictive dialer? How does predictive dialer work? Who needs to use predictive dialers? We also need to learn the predictive dialer benefits, predictive dialers rules for specific countries, disadvantages of using predictive dialers other things. But we can discuss those after providing an authentic list of top 10 predictive dialers review. Please have a look.


Top 10 Predictive Dialers Review

We picked below listed predictive dialer solutions based on information available on the internet and reviews from many companies those use their services. We can’t validate their services authentication because we never use any of these services. You should read this article as your first step you learn about these predictive or auto dialer solutions and you can research accordingly for your desired dialer solutions based on info provided and review of predictive dialers.

1. Five9 Predictive Dialer

The Five9 Predictive Dialer is one of the most popular predictive dialers in the auto dialing system or predictive dialer systems market. Five9 is a hosted predictive dialer and as we all know about hosted predictive dialer, it is a VOIP predictive dialer too. This Five9 Predictive Dialer cost can vary based on features included but you can find a cheap Predictive Dialer version of this auto calling system too. There are tons of predictive dialer reviews on the market about this product, so we suggest you read a lot of before choosing this or any listed predictive dialer systems here.

2. Asterisk Predictive Dialer

Asterisk Predictive Dialer is another popular predictive dialer system that provides reputable services all around the world. Asterisk is an open source predictive dialer system that works on VOIP predictive dialer system. As a hosed predictive dialer, it is a cheap predictive dialer where you can also get the basic free predictive dialer software. The free predictive dialer has all important features of a predictive dialer, but you will not get any customized feature included. If you need customized features included, then you need to learn about predictive dialer cost and comparing prices it is a rather cheap predictive dialer.

3. Genesys Predictive Dialer

Genesys Predictive Dialer provides cloud based predictive dialer system instated of hosted system. We all know cloud based system is superior comparing with other systems, but you should know cloud predictive dialer is costlier than others and if you run a small call center or contact center around a small area, then cloud based predictive dialer isn’t good for your money. Genesys Predictive Dialer is good for all around the world based call centers where call can come from any part of the world.


4. Avaya Predictive Dialer

Avaya Predictive Dialer ensures smooth calls and less missed calls for the agents and the company. It will reduce the call time less than 3% or 2 seconds and that will ensure more productivity for the efforts. This predictive dialer solution uses VOIP and web based predictive dialer system instead of cloud based predictive dialer systems, so it can provide cheap predictive dialer solution to its customers.

5. Spitfire Predictive Dialer

If you are looking for hybrid predictive dialer systems, then spitfire predictive dialer will be based choice for you. Spitfire predictive dialer uses cloud based calling system and for the data and software uses web based system. It is a cheap predictive dialer comparing with others.

6. Elastix Predictive Dialer

The elastix predictive dialer is the best solution to improve work efficiency for a call center or other companies like similar features. This auto calling software uses the basic web based VOIP predictive dialer system.

7. Noble Predictive Dialer

Looking for an active and attractive auto calling system, then your search come to an end with the noble predictive dialer. They have all the updated predictive dialer systems features with a reasonable price costing.

8. RedCloud Predictive Dialer

RedCloud predictive dialer provides cheaper predictive dialer solutions to its customers and the price starts as low as $200. It uses cloud predictive dialer system with specific cluster servers. The whole system is customizable, so you can customize the RedCloud predictive dialer software according to your need.

9. Nuxiba Predictive Dialer

Nuxiba predictive dialer is a dedicated predictive dialing system and it provides the best predictive dialer solutions to its customers as they can offer. Nuxiba predictive dialer has upgraded algorithms and blended services and they always offers calls as free predictive dialer solutions bonuses for their customers.

10. Voicent Predictive Dialer

The last of our list of predictive dialers review is the Voicent predictive dialer. They used VOIP predictive dialer system along with special robocalling system. They have automated IVR and many exciting features included with all their different packages. Voicent predictive dialer system also offers customizing services if anyone ask for it.

What is a Predictive Dialer?

A Predictive Dialer is a auto dialing system for many numbers at a time and connect the call with the agent when you call is answered or about to be answered. The machine uses many algorithms to make sure no agent spends ideal times while working. A research showed that without predictive dialer, a call center agent works 40 minutes per hour but after utilizing a predictive dialer the working time increases to 57 minutes that means ideal time decreases for an agent 20 minutes to 3 minutes per hour. The best predictive dialer will use the best from all the agents while working smoothly without pressurizing the clients or agents.