Top 10 Pregnancy While Breastfeeding Tips

Best Pregnancy While Breastfeeding Tips

Pregnancy While Breastfeeding

There is a common question among breastfeeding mothers, can I get pregnant while breasting? Of course, you can get pregnant during pregnancy. After the birth of your baby, you will have periods during breastfeeding and there will be ovulation time between periods. There is a problem about this and that is after the baby birth for first few months the periods can be irregular so you can get pregnant while breastfeeding any time or any day.


There is another question roaming around about pregnancy during breastfeeding, can you take birth control while breastfeeding? Yes, you can. There are some specifically produced birth control pills to use during breastfeeding to avoid unwanted pregnancy but these pills can have some side effects on breastfeeding mother or the child. So, condom will be the best choice birth control while breastfeeding. During pregnancy, you have to be careful and pregnancy while breastfeeding you have to be extra cautious and careful. We have listed the top 10 tips about pregnancy during breastfeeding below:

  1. You have to eat properly and extra for breastfeeding and pregnancy. Both your current baby and unborn child require high nutrition so you have to eat for three people in that time. So, have healthy diets for pregnant women as well as breastfeeding mother.
  2. The nipples become sore for pregnancy during breastfeeding so taking care of it is a top priority. Make sure your toddler doesn’t bite on the nipples and don’t use any type of soap or lotion on the nipples.
  3. Try to wean your nursing baby if the baby has the age to wean breastfeeding. Follow natural processes to wean your nursing baby. Some baby will when after 2 years of age some will later so don’t force them to wean. Also, if your baby is too small to wean then don’t do it just breastfeed your child regularly.
  4. Try to find the best suitable breastfeeding position for your baby and for you too. You can’t move randomly for breastfeeding while being pregnant.
  5. If your nipples cracked, then don’t use any artificial method or cream on it. Just use natural butter on it or soak the nibbles in a cup containing your breast milk.
  6. Get all the vitamins you require for breastfeeding and pregnancy regularly. Please don’t avoid any for the sake of your current and unborn child.
  7. You have to take extra calcium and folic acid during pregnancy and also for breastfeeding. Try to eat all the natural vegetables and other sources like Almonds to fulfill the nutrients required amount. If they are not enough then you can take calcium supplement as per your doctor’s consent.
  8. Don’t forget to drink a lot of water every day. People often forget this simple tips, but you will need a lot of water daily for breastfeeding as well as pregnancy. Drink at least 2.5-4 liters of water daily.
  9. Enough rest is a must for pregnant women. Take enough rest every day regularly. But don’t sleep all day, rest for a hour then move safely sometimes then rest again. Don’t overwork yourself. Do only the things you must and rest as much as possible.
  10. You can feel weak and have some psychological problems during pregnancy while breastfeeding your baby. Try to be happy all the day and you get depressed or angry, try to cool down and do the things you love to do to take your thought away.

There are many more tips for pregnancy during breastfeeding all of them have importance too. The tips listed top are the most concerned and important ones. For a pregnant woman, the woman knows what her body can do or can take and how to provide safety for her child both nursing and unborn so follow those tips above but you must remember you are the biggest safety and security for yourself.