Top 10 Profitable Companies in the World

Whether you run a small business company or a large one which is getting bigger with strong steps in year by year, this list would inspire you. May be you would think about business incorporation for your small company and be the one on this list in next year’s. Now we are going to tell you about most profitable companies. Hope you all like this. Here is the Top 10 Profitable Companies in the World.

1. Apple: Apple may have posted the most extraordinary growth in net income among any of the most profitable companies in the world. In 2004, Apple made $276 million. Last year, that number rose to $37 billion. The company’s recent growth has been fueled in large part by the iPhone. This is the most profitable company in this year.

2. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited: The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China is the world’s most profitable company, with a net income from continuing operations of more than $42.7 billion last year. However, the profitability of the bank is somewhat dependent on government policy. Notably, in 2010, ICBC marketed a trust product, called the product was not explicitly guaranteed by the bank. This is the most profitable Asian Company.

3. China Construction Bank Corporation: China Construction Bank is one of four Chinese banks among the eight most profitable companies in the world. Last year, the company reported more than 214 billion yuan in profits, or roughly $35 billion. Helping the bank generate such huge profits, China Construction Bank reported nearly 400 billion yuan in net interest income, or more than $64 billion.

4. Exxon Mobil Corporation: ExxonMobil is the second largest company in the United States by income from continuing operations, trailing only Apple. It is also one of the largest companies in the world by market capitalization. ExxonMobil derived nearly $26 billion in income from its production activities last year.

5. Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd: Samsung is, by far, the most profitable company in South Korea, with more than $27 billion in income from continuing operations last year. Although its smart phone market share declined in the last year, Samsung is still the largest smart phone maker in the world. Sales of Samsung smart phones accounted for 25% of the global market as of the second quarter of 2014, according to IDC.

6. Wells Fargo & Co: Wells Fargo is one of America’s “big four” commercial banks with Citigroup, Chase and Bank of America Corporation. An indication of Wall Street’s admiration for the bank is that its share price has well outperformed its peers over the past five years. This is one of the most profitable companies.

7. Bank of China Ltd: The bank has grown to a massive size and reported net income from continuing operations exceeding $25.5 billion in 2013. At the end of last year, Bank of China was still more than two-thirds owned by the Chinese government through a state-owned enterprise.

8. Microsoft Corporation: Microsoft has long been a giant in the technology industry, as well as one of its most profitable companies. Last year, across its consumer and commercial segments, Office, Windows, and server products and tools accounted for more than $58 billion of the company’s $86 billion in revenue.

9. BP plc: BP was the third most profitable energy company in the world, with more than $23 billion in profits from continuing operations. Charges associated with the spill lowered the bottom line by $396 million, although this was down from charges of almost $5 billion in 2012. Last year, BP also recorded a gain of $12.5 billion on the sale of its 50% stake in TNK-BP.

10. IBM: IBM is still one of the biggest players in tech companies in U.S. today. The company has significant operations in Europe and Asia. It sells hardware including mainframe computers software and IT services to different companies like call centers and others.