Top 10 Rehabs in the US

Top 10 Rehabs in the US

If you are looking for drug and alcohol rehab centers in the US then it comes with a lot of options and finding the Top 10 Rehabs in the US is no easy task.

So, which drug and alcohol center to choose? You should check other necessary facts about the alcohol and drug rehabs before come to any conclusion. First comes the service, then where and when it was started and at last the cost.

You should check what services they are good at, if you need alcohol rehabilitation then check for specific alcohol rehabs because alcohol rehabs are good at what they do. But if you need drug addiction rehab then choose specific drug rehab.

However sometimes, we need both types rehab in one place for an alcoholic who is drug addicted too. You also need to check the psychotherapy section of the rehab too because that’s an important part too.  Before starting BetterHelp online therapy is a good place to start.

Top 10 Rehabs in the US Review

So, how can we find the Top 10 Rehabs in the US without using their services. The answer is simple, you need to read all information available on them on internet and on books too.

It will be better if you can get interview from real alcohol and drug addicts who used their services in the past. This way you can get all the information and confirmation you need before using their services.

1. Betty Ford Center

Rancho Mirage, California

We can’t just say the best but Betty Ford Center is one of the most popular and respectable rehab in the US and it was founded in 1982. Initially it was for women only but now it serves both male and female patients.

They are really careful with their patients and take extensive measures for their safety while taking their services. They are sure to get our top position of Top 10 Rehabs in the US list.

2. Addiction Solutions of Florida

6115 Lyons Rd Coconut Creek, Florida

In Florida, the Addiction Solutions of Florida is the number one drug and alcohol rehab and easily be picked in the Top 10 Rehabs in the US list. They provides all types of addiction services.

They have their own team of experts physicians and psychiatrists. All their services are above world class and they are the best what they provide.

3. Hazelden

Center City, Minnesota

As one of the oldest and reputed rehab, Hazelden was founded in 1949. It is one of the largest non profit alcohol rehab center in the US. Though it started in the Minnesota but now it has expanded its services all over the US from New York to Florida.

They followed scientific and medicinal treatments for their patients and they also provides 18 months free supports for patients who completed their treatment. It is the 3rd rehab of our list of top 10 rehabs in the US.

4. Hawaii Island Recovery

Hualalai Rd c311a, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii 

Though the Hawaii Island Recovery is a small rehab but the reputation it gains with its world class services and treatment is enormous to make our top 10 rehabs in the US list.

They a strong and highly qualified team of physicians and experts and they only follows full proven and humanly oriented treatment methods for their patients.

5. Caron

Wernersville, Pennsylvania

Though, some a think Caron is just a rehab but they will surely be wrong because Caron is a combination of rehab and counseling centers.

They have branches all over the country and they use a board of expert for a single patient to have different opinion from different doctor to make a combined and healthy treatment schedule for the patient.

6. Sober College

6022 Variel Ave, Woodland Hills, California

Sober College is dedicated for long term rehabilitation for alcohol and drug addicts and they are specially for young adult drug addicted and alcoholics.

They have all possible and available treatment systems and methods for all types of drug addiction and alcoholism for young addicts.

7. Origins Recovery Centers

South Padre Island, Texas

Origins Recovery Centers of Texas is one of a kind rehab in Texas and in the country too. They follow treatments differently for different types of addiction and patients too.

The treatment may be tailored based on the patients nature and severity of the addiction situation. They provide 2 years long of low charge supports for all discharged patients.

8. Indiana Center For Recovery

1004 W 1st St, Bloomington, Indiana

In Indiana, Indiana Center For Recovery is one of the most popular and respectable rehab based on true public reviews. They follows a strict system and procedure for their patients and the care and well being of their patients is their only concern.

Their treatment domains are Physically Fit, Mentally Sound, Emotionally Mature, Socially Responsible and Spiritually Resilient and they are really good at what they provide.

9. Seabrook House

Seabrook, New Jersey

Seabrook House is a New Jersey based rehab that provides private services to its patients and being private means, it is costlier than other rehabs too but they will provide outstanding services that will worth every cent you spend on them.

Though they are New Jersey based rehab but in Pennsylvania they have an extended-care facility too.

10. The Ranch

Nunnelly, Tennessee

The Ranch is popular for its unique treatment procedures they follow to treat all their patients.

They follow hands on treatment approach for all their patients and they will provide every tools required for spiritual and physical treatments for their patients. For their unique treatment system they make the top 10 rehabs in the US list.