Top 10 Slowest Animals in the World

Top 10 Slowest Animals in the World

While looking for the Top 10 Slowest Animals in the World you will find various types of animals, creatures, insects etc and there are a lot of them to be included into the Top 10 Slowest Animals in the World list. We researched a lot on the internet and read a lot of animal journals and books and here is our list of Top 10 Slowest Animals in the World. You might find some slowest animals didn’t make our list and we can ensure that, this slowest animals list is most complete and authentic based on real facts.

Top 10 Slowest Animals in the World Comparison Chart

NameSpeed MPHLifespan YearsSpecies
Three-toed Sloth0.003 30-40Bear
Starfish0.0610Sea Creature
Garden Snail0.048Snail
Giant Tortoise0.780-120Tortoise
Koala Bear0.213-20Bear
Seahorse0.41-4Sea Creature
Gila Monster520-30Lizard

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Top 10 Slowest Animals

Our Top 10 Slowest Animals contains different species of animals and other creatures. We tried to exclude subspecies of same mother species of animals and creatures to make a complete slowest animals list and we hope you will love to read the whole article.

Three-toed Sloth Slowest Animals in the World

1. Three-toed Sloth

Sloth is the slowest animal in the world and it makes the top position of our top 10 slowest animals in the world. Sloth is the synonym of slow motion. The top speed of a sloth is .003 miles/hour. Algae grows on their body while they are moving and it is because of their slow speed and little movements. Though they are a sub-species of bear but we are differentiating them from bear as an unique species for their popularity as the slowest animals on earth. They are from central and south america. Three-toed Sloth lives on trees and they are one type of mammal.

It is not shocking to know that Three-toed Sloth endangered species because of their slowest nature. Three-toed Sloth lifespan is around 30 years and they usually live longer in captive spaces. Now a days Three-toed Sloth lifespan isn’t something they reach in the wild because of Three-toed Sloth endangered nature. They can breed all year around and after 6 months of gestation a Three-toed Sloth baby will born. Three-toed Sloth baby will get their mother’s territory after being an adult of 9 months of age. So, our top 10 slowest animals in the world list makes the Three-toed Sloth with proven facts.

Starfish slowest animal in the ocean

2. Starfish

Starfish is an animal of underwater and a nice and cute creature of nature. The speed of starfish is also not so good. Its top speed is .06 miles/hour. The interesting thing is they can’t really move on their own but they just go with the current of the ocean. It makes the second position of our Top 10 Slowest Animals in the World list and as many others want to about what is the slowest animal in the ocean, the starfish is. It is one of the ancient creature of the ocean and it can easily be found all over the world below 6000 meters of the surface as that is regular starfish habitat. It has many appearances on different cultures and logos.

It can be toxic even so people often it this sea animal, what is the slowest animal in the ocean. Finding out starfish eyes is a tricky one and one should be careful and educated enough to find the starfish eyes. It has male and female individuals but you can often find some species with no sub-gender who reproduces individually. Starfish lifespan is about 10 years and it can reach adulthood in 2 years. The highest recorded starfish lifespan is 34 years. It weights around 20 grams in the adulthood but the highest recorded starfish weight is 80 grams.

Garden Snail Slowest Snail in the World

3. Garden Snail

Garden Snail is a common animal or snail for most of us because it is one of the popular pet snail species. As the third animals of our list of Top 10 Slowest Animals in the World, you should know about the Garden Snail classification. The Garden Snail order is similar to other snail species but it is most known for pet snail species and its really slow speed. You should know about different Garden Snail facts like Garden Snail can sleep over 3 years at a time. It has many slug properties but the shell makes it different than slug and it is a known Garden Snail facts. Though it is a native Mediterranean snail but now it can be found all over the world for its pet nature.

It can lay around 80 eggs 5-6 times each year and the young snail can reach adulthood in 6-12 months. If you want to know where do garden snails live then you have to check around your house near the ponds and you can find one or two easily. The rotten soils and leaves are the natural Garden Snail foods but you can buy specific Garden Snail foods from market also. Garden Snail has a normal speed of 0.4 mile/hour and that makes it the top 10 slowest animals in the world.

Giant Tortoise Slowest Tortoise in the World

4. Giant Tortoise

Giant Tortoise is the 4th item of our top 10 slowest animals in the world. It has a history over 200 million years making it one of the ancient creatures of the world. About 3-4 hundred years ago it can be found all over the world but from the start of 20th century it can only be found on two islands only Galapagos Islands in Ecuador and Aldabra Atoll in Seychelles. All the mainland giant tortoise species are extinct and thus makes the giant tortoise extinct from mainland. There are only a few hundreds of these tortoise are alive in the world making it one of the near extinct animal species in the world.

Giant Tortoise has both female and male versions and they can mate all year round. The female can produce around 25 rubbery eggs for 1-4 nests and the incubation time for these eggs is 8 months. Usually in rainy season all eggs hatch in the same time around 2 weeks duration. An adult giant tortoise can weight around 220 lbs and giant tortoise natural lifespan 80 to 120 years but the most recorded giant tortoise lifespan is 250 years. It is too slow to move, thus makes the top 10 slowest animals in the world but it can cover really large area if they are out of food. Its regular speed is .7 miles/hour but the fastest recorded giant tortoise speed is 5 miles/hour.

Koala Bear Slowest Bear in the World

5. Koala Bear

Koala Bear is one of the bear species and it one of the slowest bear species apart from three toed sloth which is the slowest among the top 10 slowest animals in the world. It is a native Australian bear species. It can sleep around 20 hours per day. They eat leaves from high and long trees. Because of their slow nature, they tend to fall from high tree branches causes a lot injuries and death for them. This makes then one of the near extinct species.

Female Koala Bear usually reach adulthood around 3 years of age where the male takes 4 years to mature. Female Koala Bear usually lactate for 9 to 12 months where a baby koala takes around 12 months to mature independent. After 12 months the female will be pregnant again and it will become hostile to its prior baby. Female Koala Bears can live around 20 years where males have less lifespan of 13-17 years because of its hazardous tendency. Its regular speed is 1 mile/hour where the top Koala Bear speed recorded is 2 miles/hour.

Slowest Slug in the World

6. Slug

While looking for top 10 slowest animals in the world we can’t ignore the slugs because their regular speed is .12 miles/hour and fastest recorded slug speed is .2 mile/hour so we can easily say that slugs never crossed the .2 mile/hour speed in their life history. It has a lifespan of 2-3 years where some slug species can life around 10 years.

Seahorse Second Slowest Animal in the Ocean

7. Seahorse

Making a top 10 slowest animals in the world list without including the seahorse isn’t fair because the natural seahorse speed is around .5 miles/hour making it one of the slowest sea creatures. Seahorse is a beautiful and mysterious sea creatures that looks like a dragon but common looks make it a lot like horse and there comes its name. Seahorse lifespan is around 1-4 years where some species can live longer. It has an unique reproduction system, where the female seahorse injects eggs into male seahorse while mating and around 9-45 days the eggs will be hatched within the male seahorse and when proper time comes, the male will spread the small seahorses into the water.


8. Nematodes

Nematodes are strange animals that can live all types environments whether it is cold or hot seasons. It can live 3 days to 15 years and the Nematodes lifespan varies from species to species. Nematodes speed is something to recon with. Nematodes can cover around .1 to .2 miles/hour thus making it into the top 10 slowest animals in the world. Their main foods are bacteria and they don’t hunt them at all. They wait and let the bacteria come to them and then eat as they come into their feeding area.

Gila Monster Slowest Lizard in the World

9. Gila Monster

The 9th slowest animal of our top 10 slowest animals in the world is the Gila Monster. It may look like it has higher speed but it moves really slow and a small around to conserve energy. It can move faster if want to but its regular speed is 5 miles/hour but the speed can increase up to 15 miles/hour if situation occurs. It usually eat birds, fishes, lizards, snakes, frogs and other small animals those come near Gila Monsters. Gila Monster lifespan is around 20 years but in captivity it can live up to 30 years. An adult Gila Monster can have 2 ft. sizes where the usual Gila Monster size is around 1.5 ft.


10. Manatee

The list of top 10 slowest animals in the world is closed by including the Manatee or Sea Cow. Because of its huge size and characteristics it is rather known as Sea Cow than its given name Manatee. It has a regular speed of 5 miles/hour but sometimes it can gain a top speed of 8 miles/hour. The regular Manatee lifespan is around 60 years but in captivity it can live longer. Plants are the only food Manatee’s are interested in. Including the Manatee or Sea Cow our top 10 slowest animals in the world is now complete.