Top 10 Small Pets That are Easy to Take Care of

Having a pet always exciting and they will always provide joys and happiness to your daily life. You want to have a pet for your child and you want small pets that are easy to take care of because your child isn’t old enough to take care regularly or you don’t have time to do that either.

Best Small Pets That are Easy to Take Care of

You should know there are many kinds of pet animals to choose from and many of them require low to zero care. So, you must find those species choose from them, the best suitable one you like or your child like most and good for your use and condition. We have created a list of small pets that are easy to take care of and the list is given below:

1. Gold Fish

Gold Fish

If your child or you like fishes and don’t have time to take care regularly, then gold fish will be your best choice there is. There are a lot of gold fish aquariums with different sizes and designs on the market to choose from. Feed your gold fish twice a day and change water regularly then there is nothing more to take care of.

2. Corn Snake

Corn Snake

Corn Snake isn’t a kid pet, your child should be at least 12 years old to have this as a pet. You may think Corn Snake is difficult to handle but you are wrong. Because, just buy a snake and snake terrarium and you have the complete setup. Now, you have to feed your snake only once in a week and their only food is frosted mice.

3. Cat


Having pet cat for your little kid is a good option because cats usually are independent, they may need a cuddle but usually they do their own work so you don’t have to worry. Just feed them regularly and they will behave like the little kitten you always wanted as your loving pet.

4. Budgerigar


If you wish to have pet birds those require little care and maintenance, then budgerigar is your best choice. Budgerigars are very loving birds, they are beautiful and attractive too. You have to provide a proper cage for your budgerigars. Then all you need is providing daily foods and water to them and nothing more to do.

5. Box Turtle

Box Turtle

Box turtle have different species and most popular of them is the eastern box turtle which can be found at the east coast of America in the wild. They are easy to care and maintain. You should buy a turtle home that contains soil at one side and other side a water tank for the turtle and that’s eat. The only thing left for you is feeding them regularly.

6. Sea-Monkeys


As your kid’s first pet, there is no better choice than having Sea-Monkeys. You have to buy an aquarium and Sea-Monkeys eggs. Your child will be thrilled to check the Sea-Monkeys hatches from the egg and then grow up steadily as full grown Sea-Monkeys. Feed then once for first 2 weeks, then twice for next 2 weeks, then increase the feeding upto once in 2 days.

7. Hermit Crab

Hermit Crab

Hermit Crab can become your pet if you want so because they will need little care to maintain and you or your kid can handle it perfectly. Feeding them is easy and you will only require an aquarium for the crab. Put some toys in the aquarium to watch how they use to keep hidden within the toys and climb over.

8. Fancy Rat

Fancy Rat

Fancy rat is a pet mammal those need little care for their lifetime. They love to play together so have a pair of them to start with. Just feed them with rat foods those are available on pet stores. Give them some toys like ball then watch how they play with the ball and sleep on the ball when tired. Really lovable.

9. Russian Tortoise

Russian Tortoise

If you want slow and steady pet, then Russian Tortoise is most suitable for you. Russian Tortoise can sustain the harsh environment, they only require a terrarium with rocky soil along with a water bowl to drink water. You can put plants in the terrarium to have them fun. Then all set, use the standard Russian Tortoise canned food from pet store and good to go for decades.

10. Stick Insects

Stick Insects

A bottle with privet leaves is all the thing needed to pet Stick Insects. Your kids will love these Stick Insects and how they make their moves. Female insects can multiply rapidly all by themselves, so keep an eye for that, otherwise good to go. Nothing more required. Stick Insects are the least Small Pets That are Easy to Take Care of and you will surely love it.