Top 10 Smallmouth Bass Fishing Tips

10 Best Smallmouth Bass Fishing Tips

Fishing smallmouth bass is not similar for fishing largemouth bass. You should apply specific tactics to catch smallmouth bass. There are thousands of tips to catch largemouth bass but when it comes to tips about catching smallmouth bass, the list of tips shrinks to small or less info.


10 Best Smallmouth Bass Fishing Tips

We searched for pro smallmouth anglers and fishermen for tips and we find only a few but nonetheless they are real pro and the tips and secrets they share with us and really helpful and effective too. Please check the list of Top 10 Smallmouth Bass Fishing Tips and you will become a pro smallmouth angler in no time.

1. Big smallmouth basses are lazier than small ones so they will look for foods those will come to them and this occurs only with moving water. So, you will find bigger smallmouth basses along with the moving water where the current will provide more foods to the basses. So, rivers are the best place for big smallmouth basses instead of small lakes where is no current in the water.

2. Smallmouth bass loves to eat big at a time, so if you use big bait than the regular bass fishing bait, then you will have better chances to catch big sized trophy smallmouth bass.

3. Try to find unexplored fishing area of a lake or river while fishing. If the smallmouth bass has less chance of seeing many baits then you will have better opportunities to catch the smallmouth bass.

4. If the weather becomes nastier and windy, please don’t be afraid. Windy weather means better current on the water and it’s the perfect time for basses to eat and you will get more basses for your baits in windy weather.

5. We all know early birds catch the early worms and its true about smallmouth bass too. Big smallmouth loves to eat in early morning with low temperature and low lights so if you can start fishing at early morning you will get better chances to catch the big juicy smallmouth bass.


6. Using spinnerbaits is a common tactics to catch big sized basses and you must know that catching smallmouth bass you should use spinnerbaits along with other types of baits and lures.

7. In winter, don’t try to catch smallmouth bass, because you may catch a few largemouth bass in winter, but fishing smallmouth bass in winter has less chances than any other fishes.

8. Use jerkbaits to catch the smallmouths because jerkbaits have the ability to drawing smallmouths faster than other baits so it will be helpful to draw a lot more smallmouths to your fishing place.

9. Using superstud lures is another promising way to catch smallmouths because smallmouth basses tend to get the superstud faster than any other lures used in the process of fishing.

10. Use fluorocarbon because it is less visible to the fishes and you can use heavier line with it and that can ensure better fishing and you will catch a lot of big smallmouth bass.