Top 10 Snow Socks Vs. Snow Chains Differences

Snow Socks Vs. Snow Chains

Snow chains are quite popular among cars and other vehicle owners and there is an alternative named snow socks can also be found. The Snow Socks Vs. Snow Chains is a common debate among the car drivers and owners. First we should learn the basic features, uses and properties of snow chains and snow socks then we can differentiate between them.

Snow Chains vs. Snow Socks

Snow Chains

Snow chains are to provide extra traction for the vehicle and car tires to safely drive on snowy and slippery roads and surfaces. The snowy chains broadly used on all types vehicles and cars as well as for the household small vehicles like tractor, blower and thrower. Snow chains are very popular for snow blowers, electric snow shovels and snow throwers in the winter for snow cleaning and removing while working on snowy surfaces. Usually the snow chains are made of stainless steel and other combination of it. You can also find some durable rubber made snow chains on the market.

Snow Socks

Snow socks are fairly new car accessories on the market comparing to snow chains but it has become quite popular within a few years of its grand opening to the market. It is mainly made of rubber and textile and provides traction to the tires riding on the roads and highway. Snow chains can damage and harm the roads so there are roads and highways where snow chains are forbidden or restricted to use on tires.
Snow Socks
For these roads, snow socks are better alternative of snow chains. Though snow socks can provide less traction than the snow chains but it will provide better security and safety than other alternatives of snow chains. Check the 10 differences list below to get a clearer idea.

Differences Between Snow Chains and Snow Socks

 Snow ChainsSnow Socks
MaterialsStainless SteelTextile and Rubber
TractionBest Traction than other alternativesLess than Snow Chains
Damage to RoadCan damage the roads, so not permitted on all roads and highwayDon't damage the road but not permitted on all roads and highways for less traction
Damage to VehicleCan damage the vehicle if wrong fittingSmoother and softer for the vehiche
Weight and ThicknessThicker and heavyweight than Snow SocksThinner and lightweight than Snow Chains
FoldableCan't fold in smaller sizesFoldable in Smaller sizes
Service LifeHave more service lifeProne to tear and wear
Fitting ProcessDon't need to move the vehicleNeed to move the vehicle
Speed20 miles per hour max30 miles per hour max
PriceCostlier than Snow SocksUsually cheaper than Snow Chains

Some Disputed Facts

Though, snow socks are cheaper than the snow chains but some specific researches showed that it may be a wrong speculation because the researches showed similar amount costing for both for small vehicles like cars but for big vehicles like truck or lorry and for premium chains the cost will be significantly higher.

Because of less traction, some road’s authorities don’t support wearing snow socks only on snowy slippery roads along. Snow socks are for the roads with smoother rides with less traction needed, but if more traction required then snow chains are the only choice. So, in some roads snow chains are prohibited and in some roads and weather conditions snow socks are prohibited.
Snow Chains
Chains are heavier and easily tangible where snow socks are lighter and not tangible. You can untangle chains easily where torn or worn textile made socks have less to no uses. So, if you can buy chains you should buy chains of premium quality because a torn chain has some value but sock doesn’t.

If you have a large vehicle and you need to drive long ways, then snow chains will be better option for you because snow chains harden the wearing and provide more traction or in a word more reliable. Also, if the road is icy not snowy, then you must use snow chains, snow socks aren’t good for icy roads.

You can fit the chains without moving your vehicles for cars, SUVs etc but if you want to wear the chains to larger vehicles then you have to drive on snow chains and you may require vehicles moving while removing the quick fit chains too because some part of the tire can be onto the chains or under the wheels.

Before Buying snow chains you should learn about weight size ratios of the chains and your vehicles and buy the perfect fit one. After the discussion we have come to a conclusion, that snow chains vs. snow socks have similar differences like the snow blowers vs. snow throwers. So, we have to understand our situation, requirements and weather first then buy either snow socks or snow chains accordingly.