Top 10 Tips for Flat Tummy after Pregnancy

Top 10 Tips for Flat Tummy after Pregnancy

Having a flat tummy after pregnancy is all women’s dream but how to get it and how many can achieve it depends on your dedication, resources and opportunities. If you do some research or ask someone who knows then you can get a lot tips for flat tummy after pregnancy.


There are many ways to reduce your belly size after pregnancy, some are effective, some are hard and unreachable. We have short-listed the ways and tips to make an effective set of top 10 list of tips for flat tummy after pregnancy.

All the tips listed here are easy and simple to follow. You can easily incorporate these tips with your daily life. You should change your routine accordingly. These tips are to help you achieve flat belly you had before pregnancy or even better body shape than before.

List of Top 10 Tips for Flat Tummy after Pregnancy

You should know, all these tips are researched and have proven effectiveness. They are good for all types mothers and they have no side effect on the baby’s or mother’s health. Please check the list of tips to get flat belly after pregnancy below:

Regular Breastfeeding

1. Regular Breastfeeding

The first duty of a mother is breastfeeding her child and every mother should follow their duty (Unless there is a problem to breastfeed). You will glad to know that regular breastfeeding will help you reduce your weight and keep you healthy.

Many researches are done about breastfeeding and all of them proved that regular breastfeeding will reduce extra fat from mother’s body. It will also help the mother to get better body shape and healthy body. That’s the reason we keep this as our 1st pick of this top 10 tips for flat tummy after pregnancy list.


Balanced Diet

2. Balanced Diet

Diet has special effect on post pregnancy body shaping and fat reducing factors. You are breastfeeding your baby and you will need a lot nutrition too. You just can’t follow extreme diet to lose weight quickly and have a slim figures in a few months.

You should maintain balanced diet that will ensure all the nutrition you and your baby need but not more than necessary. There must less amount of fat and junk foods. Eat only highly nutritious foods. Eat regularly and many times but small amount each times. That way you can have all the nutrition you need and you can digest your food clearly.

Regular Exercise

3. Regular Exercise

Don’t forget to exercise regularly. You should walk regularly and do other types of freehand exercise those takes less efforts and stamina. Don’t do high pressure and strength workout after the pregnancy. That can have bad effect on your health and body.

Only do regular and simple exercises. Walking is a simple but effective exercise. You should walk around 30 minutes everyday along with other simple exercises. Don’t exercise too much at a time. Exercise 5-10 minutes at a time, then  take some rest then do again.


Enough Rest

4. Enough Rest

You may think, resting enough can make you fat but you are wrong. Pregnancy is a complex process and it always produce too much stress on your body. You should always take enough rest after pregnancy to keep your body healthy and soundly fit.

Having enough rest is necessary for both mother and child. It is important to keep your mind clear and your body to readjust with your schedule, diet and exercise. You must have enough rest to ensure everything works finely.

Yoga & Meditation

5. Yoga & Meditation

High level workout is impossible and harmful for new moms. So, you can do some types of yoga to keep up with exercise and workout. Yoga is great for reducing extra weight and fat from newly mothered body.

Meditation can help you calm your mind and it is highly speculated that regular meditation can help you concentrate your daily routine of being mom and maintain your lifestyle with the new ways. Both yoga and meditation are important tips for flat tummy after pregnancy.


Water & Vegetable

6. Enough Water & Vegetable

A fully grown human being must intake 2-4 liters of water daily to keep all the body parts working finely. It is more true for mothers than others. Enough water will decrease the toxic elements from your body and bloods and can increase the rate fat burning in your body.

Vegetable has many important ingredients and a lot of fiver. Fiver helps to digest foods properly and green vegetable will provide all the necessary ingredients your body needs. These will help you reduce fat and extra weight regularly thus making our top 10 tips for flat tummy after pregnancy list. You must drink enough water daily and keep 2-4 types of green vegetable in your diet.

Uterus & Full Body Massage

7. Uterus & Full Body Massage

After pregnancy you will have a highly stressed uterus and belly. After sometimes, the belly and uterus will stress back into original size unless you get unbalanced diet to keep them stressed and big.

You should get enough massage for uterus so that it can get back into original condensed state faster than usual time. Having full body massage will make sure regular blood flow all over your body and it will reduce the body and bally size back to the original state before your pregnancy.


Drink Green Tea

8. Drink Green Tea

Stop having coffee while breastfeeding your child. It can have bad effect on your body and also on your baby. You should drink green tea regularly because green tea has special types of antioxidants those can reduce weight and burn extra body weight.

There are many types green tea available so you should choose only high quality green tea brands because high quality green tea maintain high concentration of antioxidants where regular or low quality has less effect. Drinking 2-3 cups of green tea can help you reduce your belly fat at a higher rate than normal.

Postpartum Waist Trainer

9. Postpartum Waist Trainer

All the exercises, balanced diet and green tea can help you reduce your belly fat and tummy shape but if you want flat tummy quickly and shapely then you will need some types belly wraps or postpartum waist belt or trainer.

Getting high quality and effective postpartum waist belt or trainer that will serve you well to get flat tummy quickly isn’t easy. You should research well to get the best postpartum waist trainer and you can use as the instructions comes along with the trainer. You can also get specialists recommendations and consultancy before buying anyone.


Supplements & Multivitamins

10. Supplements & Multivitamins

There are many types of supplements and multivitamins are available to reduce extra weight and belly fat for new mothers after their pregnancy. You should have doctor’s consultancy and recommendation before using any type of supplements and multivitamins.

If you only believe the vendors word and product description then it is highly possible you can get cheated and you will not get the result you hope for from the supplements. You should use only the most popular, useful, effective and recommended supplements and multivitamins.

Those are our top 10 tips for flat tummy after pregnancy. If you can follow those tips regularly then you can have healthy perfect body with great shape in a few months. If anyone have any suggestion about our list, pleas feel free to contact us.