Top 10 Tips for Revamping Your Bedroom

Top 10 Tips for Revamping Your Bedroom
Image Credit: Pexels
You spend time almost every single day in your bedroom. It’s the place where you start and end your day, from getting ready in the morning to falling to sleep at night.

You want to make sure your room is a place that promotes tranquility for those restless nights, inspires creativity and happiness when you wake up each morning, and includes personal touches that make it feel like home. Here are 10 tips for revamping your bedroom and making it a more livable space.


Painting is an easy way to completely transform any space while sticking to a budget. It is believed that blues, greens, greys, and purples are the best colors for any bedroom, as they encourage relaxation and reduce stress.

Using lighter versions of these colors will also open the room up and make it feel bigger, which is great if you have a small space.


Switch up your sheets and blankets to create an entirely different feel in your room! Toss out that old bedding and splurge on a new duvet cover or a luxurious sheet set – an easy way to get an entirely new aesthetic, but also a great way to feel even more comfortable at night.

Bedding is an easy way to play with fun colors and patterns, since you can switch it out easily to get a whole new look as often as the seasons change.

Personal Decorations

Your bedroom should give you a sense of peace and happiness, and so should each item you put in there.

Pictures of friends and families, concert tickets, or your favorite plant will give your room a personal touch and give you something to smile at each morning when you wake up.


If you’re looking to switch things up on a budget, you can make a huge difference in how your room feels by simply moving the furniture around!

Switch your bed to a different side of the room to make it feel like a completely different space.

You can even use some feng shui tips to help you sleep better at night, simply by moving around the items in your bedroom. Cool, huh?


Adding rugs to your bedroom will increase the warmth in the room, especially if you have hardwood floors. It can also give it a totally different look.

The variety of textures adds a posh vibe to your space. You can also utilize rugs for carpeted spaces to create a warm, layered look.

This is also a great option if you’re renting an apartment and can’t rip up a stained or ugly carpet. If you’re not ready to start looking for Bellevue houses for sale, you can make the most of your rental until the right home comes along!

Add an Armchair

Do you want some new furniture in your room, but buying something big isn’t an option? An easy way of getting new furniture without spending a ton is by adding in an armchair.

This can be an inexpensive addition to your bedroom that can change the feel of your room and serves a purpose.

You can instantly create a nice space to read or just have somewhere to toss clothes. Plus, even many small bedrooms can fit an armchair.

Buy a Mirror

Even if you prefer getting ready in the bathroom mirror, your bedroom should have a mirror of its own. As most people have probably heard, mirrors can help make your space seem bigger than it is.

This can be especially useful if your bedroom is on the smaller side. A mirror can also just be an easy way of adding something interesting to a bare space on your wall.

You can find a nice decorative mirror to hang on the wall, or find a full-length mirror to act as a focal point.

Get New Light Fixtures

Lighting can make a huge difference in any room. Even if you change nothing else about your bedroom, buying new light fixtures can make it feel completely different.

Find a light fixture that matches or style or swap out your light bulbs or something new, like a cool-toned light rather than a warm one.

Rather than changing your overhead lighting, you can always buy a new floor-lamp or lamps for your bedside table to change the way your lighting looks.

Use Storage Containers

We all have items lying around the house that are only out because they have nowhere else to go.

Buying a few storage containers gives you a way to clean up clutter and they can be used for decoration.

If you already have plastic bins to use for storage, consider swapping them out for nicer ones.

You might think all storage containers are the same, but your bedroom style will be quickly elevated when you invest in storage containers that are meant to be on display.

Find an Accent Color

If your bedroom is mostly made up of neutral colors, a pop of color can be exactly what you need to revamp the entire space.

You can pick your favorite color or something that would go well with what you already own.

A common way of incorporating an accent color is by painting one wall of the room that shade, but it can be much easier than that.

Buying a few throw pillows and a blanket can bring more color into the room. Or, you could buy art for the walls that heavily feature that color.