Top 10 Types of Coffee Makers

Top 10 Types of Coffee Makers

Drinking a cup of steaming coffee in the morning has no equal. Coffee is one of the most popular drinks all over the world. It is the 4th ranked most consumed drink after water, tea and beer.

Coffee is made from coffee roasted coffee beans. There are mainly two types of coffee plants, the coffee arabica and coffee robusta. It is a native African plant but nowadays, it is cultivated in more than 70 countries.

There are many types of coffee makers, some are invented in the middle age and some are invented in the 20th century or later. We have created a list of top 10 types of coffee makers from many popular coffee makers available.

Top 10 Types of Coffee Makers List

Vacuum Coffee Maker

1. Vacuum Coffee Maker

Vacuum Coffee Maker came into existence in the 19th century. It followed the regular vacuum methods to brew high quality coffee while keeping the taste and aroma intact for the coffee.

Water is heated in one pot and the expansion water get into the coffee ground pot after enough heat and then the coffee will be served.

This way the coffee will not lose any aroma or flavor. After the basic inventory, many variations of vacuum coffee markers were invented.

Nowadays most automated coffee makers follow similar steps to brew high quality coffee and thus getting into our top 10 types of coffee makers list.

Coffee Percolator

2. Coffee Percolator

Coffee percolator was invented in the mid 19th century by James Nason from Massachusetts but the modern coffee percolator mainly follows the designs and procedures of Hanson Goodrich’s a farmer of Illinois coffee percolator and it is one of our pick for the list of top 10 types of coffee makers.

All the modern times stovetop percolators originally follows Hanson Godrich’s patented method and there are many variations you can find.

After the invention of drip coffee maker, coffee percolator lost its edge and you can hardly find any variation of coffee percolator in the market.

Though, it is not popular anymore but we can’t ignore its existence. Coffee Percolator made coffee brewing easy and available for people and it has great effects on popularity of coffee as a daily life drink.

Moka Pot

3. Moka Pot

Moka Pot is a type of stovetop coffee maker. Pressurized hot water gets into the ground coffee and this process was invented in 1933 by Luigi De Ponti.

It is mostly popular in Europe and Latin American countries. Other countries also use this particular type of coffee maker but not regularly.

In the US, Moka Pot is one of the less popular types of coffee makers but it gets into our list of top 10 types of coffee makers easily.

French Press or Cafetiere

4. French Press or Cafetiere

French Press or Cafetiere is our 4th pick of top 10 types of coffee makers list. It brew coffee differently than the drip coffee maker. You have to place the coffee and water together to brew coffee.

You can easily adjust the strength of the coffee by adjusting the coffee bean ground amount which is not possible for regular drip coffee makers. You have to pre-program the drip coffee maker to adjust the strength the coffee.

Drip Coffee Maker

5. Drip Coffee Maker

If you are looking for the most popular coffee makers in modern age, then you should check the drip coffee maker. It is also know as the electric drip coffee maker and without it our top 10 types of coffee makers list will be incomplete.

It is invented in the later half of 20th century and since a lot of designs and mechanisms are invented and patented by many people and companies. The original procedure is same for all types of drip coffee makers.

Drip coffee makers are easy to use and maintain but it is affordable for most people. If you are looking for a coffee maker to brew coffee for 10-15 people then drip coffee maker will be your best pick.

Espresso Coffee Maker

6. Espresso Coffee Maker

Espresso Coffee Maker is one of the most popular coffee makers among the top 10 coffee maker types. It was invented in Italy in the 19th century and since then its popularity is increasing daily.

Sometimes, you may think, operating an Espresso Coffee Maker is difficult but that may not be true. You just need to know the basics and how to brew coffee using Espresso Coffee Maker and then you will get what you need.

Thermal Coffee Maker

7. Thermal Coffee Maker

Insulated carafe makes the difference between regular coffee makers and thermal coffee makers. Insulated carafe will keep the heat and aroma of your coffee for a long time where regular coffee of coffee mug or cup will lose heat and aroma as time passes.

Single Serve Coffee Maker

8. Single Serve Coffee Maker

In the modern era single serve coffee maker is a big hit. This coffee maker will produce single cup of coffee at a time with a fixed amount of water and coffee ground.

There will be no loss of aroma or flavor while producing the coffee and you will need not to worry about making more coffee at a time. It will save time and coffee from being wasted.

Self Grinding Coffee Maker

9. Self Grinding Coffee Maker

Already grinned coffee can easily loss both aroma and flavor after coming into fresh air existence for many times. Usually we keep grinned coffee in a jar and when needed we get a spoon or two to make a cup of coffee.

But if you open and close the jar many times, the coffee will lose precious taste, aroma and flavor and which we don’t want. To solve this problem, here comes the self grinding coffee makers.

You will buy the coffee bean and place the bean into the grinder, and this coffee maker with grinder will grind only the needed amount of coffee beans only and you will get your freshly brewed coffee for freshly grinned coffee beans.

Coffee maker with grinder will reduce the grinding and brewing time. It is also less expensive than buying both coffee maker and coffee and grinder. With the best self grinding coffee maker, your life will be easy for grinding and brewing coffee.

Turkish Coffeepot

10. Turkish Coffeepot

The last item of our top 10 coffee maker types is the Turkish Coffeepot. It was invented in the 15th century in Turkey and it has its own unique ability. If you are looking for strong black coffee after a long day of work, Turkish Coffeepot is the best choice coffee maker for you.

There are many other types of coffee makers available on the marker to choose from. We strongly suggest you do your research and based on your criteria and requirements, choose the best rated coffee maker for brewing high quality coffee and by this we come to the conclusion of our exclusive list of top 10 types of coffee makers.