Top 10 Types of Pet Turtles That Stay Small Forever

Pet Turtles That Stay Small Forever
There are many Pet Turtles That Stay Small Forever those you can have as a pet but sometimes some pet turtles don’t stay small forever and their size increases so much to be a burden for you. So, you have to find Pet Turtles That Stay Small Forever and must be Small Pets That are Easy to Take Care of.


Best Pet Turtles That Stay Small Forever

If you are looking for what turtles stay small forever then you have come to the right place. You should know what kind of turtles stay small forever before choosing a pet turtle species and you should give a great thought about it before getting into trouble with your pet turtle. There are various types of pet turtles that stay small and but not all of them are easy to take care of so choose carefully also making a top 10 list isn’t easy will the information available.

You can get small pet turtles that stay small but be sure before you do all turtle hatchlings will be small at birth but some can get over 10 lbs in short time so first research about small pet turtle species and then get small pet turtles that stay small.

There are many small turtle types those stay small forever because their grown-up size is between 2-10 inches’ max and this is a good size for a pet turtle to have. You can either choose water turtles pets at home or mud turtle species as you prefer for your home small pet but you should know how to take care of a water turtle or your preferred species.


Choose the pet turtle from breeds of turtles for pets and make sure turtle needs like where to keep turtle at home and others. Check all kinds of pet turtles and choose the easiest turtle to take care of. Here we listed all the small per turtles that stay small forever:

1. Musk Turtles

Don’t mix Musk Turtles with mud turtles because they are different species. Musk turtles can live up to 50 years and their highest grown size is between 2-4 inches and the size will keep that way till they die. They are one of the world’s smallest pet turtles and the best pet turtles that stay small forever. You have to learn and read musk turtle care guide to pet this species.

2. Eastern Box Turtles

Another small pet turtle is the Eastern Box Turtle. They are found on the east coast of America so the name came from that. Their sizes vary from 3-6 inches. So, you can have eastern box turtles as pet turtles that stay small forever. There is a popular sub species of eastern box turtle known as three toed box turtle which is most popular among children.

3. Reeve’s Turtles

Reeve’s Turtles are native species of the easy Asia countries like China, Korea, Taiwan and Japan. They don’t have circular shells like others instead they have rectangular shells. For the shape of the shells, you should take extra care to prevent shell related diseases of your pet Reeve’s Turtles. 4-5 inches are their average size and keeps that way and the third best pet turtles that stay small forever.


4. Diamond Back Terrapins

You can have Diamond Back Terrapins as water turtles pets at home but before that you must know how to take care of a water turtle. Because they need extra care for a water turtle and you must have a bigger water tank for these types of water turtles. As one of the ancient species of mother earth they are something you should have as a pet water turtle.

5. Mud Turtles

Mud Turtles may look similar to musk turtles but they aren’t. There are a lot of mud turtle species to choose from but choose the small turtles as pets that stay small. Mud turtles are easiest turtle to take care of and they hardly become sick. Have very small turtles to start and they will grow around 5 inches’ maximum.

6. Spotted Turtles

Spotted turtles have yellow spots all over their shell as well as their body too. Their head and neck also have yellow spots so you can easily recognize spotted turtles. A full grown spotted turtle can have 3-5 inches’ size and about 50 gallons’ water tank will be enough for your spotted turtle.


7. Red-Eared Slider Turtles

Red-Eared Slider Turtles are not as small as the top six pet turtles but they aren’t big enough to keep out of this pet turtles that stay small forever list. Their average size is 6 to 9 inches and they live around 40 to 50 years. You should provide clear and clean water regularly and also keep the water tank in outdoor warn place for this pet turtle species.

8. Painted Turtles

Painted turtles highest size is below 10 inches so we keep this species in this list. Their back shell looks like painted all over and that’s where the name came from. Painted turtle and read-eared slider turtle share the same ancestry. They have red, yellow and green colors all over their body and they live around 20 to 25 years.

9. Mississippi Map Turtles

This is a turtle originated from Mississippi valley and their name came from their map shaped shell and their original Mississippi valley based habitat. They are good as a pet turtle. You should provide high quality, clean and clear water for them and they are one of the most popular pet turtle in the US.

10. Central American Wood Turtles

You can find this Central American Wood Turtles from Mexico to Costa Rica, all over the central American lands. They have four different sub species but all have one thing common in them and that is all of them are beautiful among pet turtles that stay small forever. They beautiful, strong, intelligent and most adorable wood pet turtles.