Top 10 Warships in the World

Top 10 Warships in the World

Best Warships in the World

Though war is a harmful term for human civilization but now a day every country has warships to protect themselves from the attack of other countries. Now we are going to talk about the Top 10 Warships in the World. They are largest in the world. Let’s have a look on these Top 10 Warships in the World.

1. Iowa Class-Fast Battleship

Iowa Class-Fast BattleshipThis is a warship of USA. It looks like a cat. It has many lives. The ship was made for the cold war. It was used in Vietnam War and in the year of 1991 during operation Desert Strom. The Iowa were recalled for action in the Korean War. It is in the 1st position of these Top 10 Warships in the World.

2. Nimitz Class-Aircraft Carrier

Nimitz Class-Aircraft CarrierThis warship is also an American Warship. With the termination of the Soviet Union in 1991, the threat of the cold war vanished and the Nimitz class carrier’s role changed to one of peace keeper throughout the world. The ship can go anywhere in the world at a moment notice with a speed of 30 knots. It has two nuclear reactors. This is in the 2nd position of these Top 10 Warships in the World.

3. Queen Elizabeth Class

Queen Elizabeth ClassThis ship belongs to Great Britain. The ship was launched in 1913. The design of this ship is of fast battleships that were powered by oil rather than coal. It is armed with eight 16-inch main guns and sixteen 6-inch secondary, the queen Elizabeth class were the most powerful British class warship in World War 1. This is in the 3rd position of these Top 10 Warships in the World.

4. Ticonderoga Class-Missile Cruiser

Ticonderoga Class-Missile CruiserIt is a ship of US Navy. It was developed as a Cold War warrior in the 1970’s. The first role of Ticonderoga was seen as a guided missile destroyer.  It was upgraded to fast cruisers in 1980. It is completely computer controlled ship. The ship is in the 4th position of these Top 10 Warships in the World.

5. Fletcher Class-Destroyer

Fletcher Class-DestroyerIn the 5th position of these Top 10 Warships in the World is an American warship named Fletcher Class-Destroyer. By early 1943, the first five Fletcher Class destroyers had arrived in the pacific, their task was to target and smash the Japanese supply convoys. But now the role of the destroyer is changed.

6. North Carolina Class

North Carolina ClassNorth Carolina Class was launched on June 1, 1940. She and her sister USS North Carolina were the first of the new generation American battleships that called for better torpedo and deck armor, longer endurance and gas protection. It is in the 6th position of these Top 10 Warships in the World.

7. Bismarck Class

Bismarck ClassBismarck is German Battleship. It was launched in February 1939. It is very special because it was favorite battle of Hitler. In her first war in north Atlantic she destroyed British ship HMS Hood. In 27th May for the revenge Royal Navy sunk the German Pride by throwing torpedoes. It is in the 7th position of these Top 10 Warships in the World.

8. Essex Class-Aircraft Carrier

Essex Class-Aircraft CarrierOn March 17, 1945 during an air strike against the Japanese Island of Honshu, one Essex Class aircraft carrier- the USS Franklin came under attack. The Franklin was well designed and built she didn’t sink. In total 24 Essex were built. So this is in the 8th position of these Top 10 Warships in the World.

9. Deutschland Class

Deutschland ClassIt is a British warship. It is called pocket battle ship because it is so small, fast and deadly. The secret of the pocket battleship speed and power was the innovative design of making the ship lighter. It uses diesel engine instead of steam turbines. Because of its ability it is in the 9th position of these Top 10 Warships in the World.

10. Hood Class-Battle Cruiser

Hood Class-Battle CruiserHood class is known as the “Mighty Hood” considered the greatest warship ever built. It was so powerful but in 1941 when she met the German ship Bismarck became defeated. But this wonderful ship is in the 10th position of these Top 10 Warships in the World.

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