Top 10 Ways to Handle a Brown Recluse Spider Infestation

Ways to Handle a Brown Recluse Spider Infestation

The brown recluse spider is one of three spiders present in North America that has a dangerous bite. When it bites it injects venom which contains enzymes that damage tissue cells. It’s not normal fatal in humans but it is painful.

As their name suggests, the brown recluse spider is a recluse, you need to understand it properly in order to deal with infestations.

1. Get Professional Help

Click here and find out more about your local pest control experts. They are trained in how to deal with a huge variety of pests, including the brown recluse spider. You can leave the professionals to resolve the issue for you.

2. Know Your Enemy

The brown recluse spider has a dark violin shape on its dorsum with a light brown, almost yellowish body. It’s normally between 0.24 inches and 0.79 inches long and prefers to stay in dark corners. Its normal reaction is to flee when you move toward it, but it can attack if it feels threatened.

3. Eliminate Habitat Opportunities

If you have dark corners seek to lighten them up, a brown recluse will not settle in a light corner. This simple approach is usually very effective at eliminating brown recluse spiders, they simply have nowhere to create a web.

4. Vacuum

Spiders can survive being sucked up a vacuum cleaner but they generally don’t.

This is because they are injured by bashing the walls of the tube on the way up the vacuum.

It’s also true that they will suffocate if left in the collection chamber, so don’t empty your vacuum cleaner too quickly after vacuuming spiders.

5. Insecticide

This is an obvious approach and you’ll find insecticides to deal with most variety of spiders at your local store.

You simply need to spray the area where the spider is living and then inspect to make sure it has died.

A good insecticide should be almost instant and should present no risk to yourself, children or pets.

6. Cleaning Up

Vacuuming is effective but you can also simply kill the spiders by dusting the area. Of course, you’ll need to use caution to ensure you get the spider before it attacks.

In reality, cleaning any area where the brown recluse has been is something you should do after you’ve vacuumed or used insecticide. But, cleaning and inspecting will allow you to be aware if any spiders return.

7. Sealing The House

Spiders need to get into your house, in the same way, that any pest does. The easiest access point is a crack in your wall or around a door/window. Take a look around the doors, windows and the exterior walls of your house and fill any gaps, this will help to stop the spider’s coming in.

8. Plants

Most spiders are not keen on specific plants, such as peppermint. You can place a few drops of peppermint onto cotton balls and position them around your home, especially here the spiders may live. This will persuade them to live somewhere else.

9. Sticky Traps

Sticky traps are essential strips of cardboard with glue on. You position these around your home, especially where you think you’ll have a brown recluse spider. Leave them in place and check regularly. This will allow you to identify the spiders you catch as well as killing them.

10. Get Professional Help

This is so important that we’ve mentioned it twice. If you have an infestation then it’s much better to be safe instead of sorry. Click here and get the professionals to deal with the issue for you, eliminating any chance of you being bitten.