Top 10 Work at Home Freelance Jobs


Best Work at Home Freelance Jobs

Though, freelancing has longer history like other jobs but online freelancing became popular from the start of this century. Because, internet became popular and available for people from the last decade of 20th century. Now freelancing jobs are the most growing job all over the world.

There are over a thousand type of freelance jobs to choose from. There are some jobs like architecture design or engineering tasks those need professional and educational background to work on. There are some jobs like marketing, SEO, content writing, web design and developments, those don’t need educational background or degrees. You just have to know how those works and have some experience working on them and that’s all.

In this top 10 work at home freelance job list we discussed about the fastest growing freelance jobs, those are popular among the freelancers, huge amount of jobs available and easy to learn. Please check our top 10 list of freelance jobs and choose the one you are confident to be good at and start working!

Web Design and Development

Web Design and Development is our best choice because, nowadays every business needs online presence and having a website is a must. So, this freelance job is increasing daily and it has good payment too. You will need html, css, php and mysql web programming knowledge to start this job. Other programming languages you can learn while working on.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO

Search Engine Optimization has the highest market share of freelance jobs market. You can grow your business online if you don’t have strong online presence and have higher search engine ranking for your business-related keywords. There are mainly two types of SEO. On Page and Off Page. To be good SEO expert you need to have good grasp of both technique and learning SEO is easier than programming and web designing

Content and Article Writing

As our third pick content and blog writing has the second-best market share of freelancing market. You must have good grasp of English language, great research ability, passion for writing informative and recommendable content or article.

Graphics Design

Designing logo, banner, website and others have always good demand on the freelancing job market. This is among the fastest growing online jobs and the demand of the job increasing rapidly. You should have good design sense, ability to adept modern trends and designs and incorporate creative ideas with your design to be a good graphics designer.

Sales and Marketing

Now most of the companies have online business or lead generation system for this purpose they will require sales and marketing assistance from individuals or groups. They hire per lead basis or per customer basis. The payment is good and it is quite easy than the SEO.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistant can have different types of jobs. They can help with certain tasks or projects or be strictly available for certain periods daily to help with everything they can to their business owner. This is quite popular among freelance jobs.

App Development

App development is always popular and after the smartphones, its demand is skyrocketing daily. You can either be desktop add developer or smartphone app developer or both, it’s up to you to decide but surely it is a creative job.

Social Media Marketing

Some people may think social media marketing is part of SEO or sales marketing but you should know that SMM is different than those two. You can find a lot jobs on the freelance job sector where clients are asking for SMM or social media marketing, sometimes more specifically about facebook marketing.


There are many jobs on the market about Translation. The job will include books or other materials to be Translated to another language. You must know both language like your second language to be good at Translation.

Data Entry

Data entry has the highest number of job posted on most freelance job finding websites. No particular skill is required to be good at this job but typing and web researching skill can help. Form fill up, data collection, email collection, contact info collection for call center etc are included in this job.