Top Ten Best Hairdos for Long Hair in No Particular Order


What makes long hair great is that it can be styled in so many ways using the many tools and accessories available. With this, it follows that it is possible to sport a different sexy look in different days of the year if you wish to. Just make sure to read the steps below on creating the ten best hairdos for long hair (in no particular order).

Side-Swept Blowout

The two most basic types of blowouts are the bouncy-wavy and stick-straight blowouts. The side-swept blowout is a mix of both and is sleek from crown to midlength with a good sweep at the tips. To achieve this look, blow-dry your hair straight using a boar-bristle brush. Then iron it, making sure to turn the flatiron away from your face upon reaching the tips to create many soft bends.

Romantic Ponytail

Creating this look requires a piece of black elastic and a ribbon. Use the elastic to secure your ponytail and hide it by tying a ribbon on the part where the elastic is to conceal it.


This look is characterised by that horizontal band that stretches from one ear to the next one, like a headband. Creating this look requires that you start by painting bleach in a very small section on the layers underneath. Then cover the parts below and above the bleached area with a shade that is close to the natural shade of your hair.

Rumpled Braid

To create textured plaits, mist your damp hair with volumising spray, then scrunch while blowing your hair dry with a diffuser. Once you have done these, curl the top layer of your hair and use your fingers to comb through the waves. Lastly, tease the crown right before weaving a braid at the nape.

Supersized Updo

Inspired by cinnamon rolls and ballerinas, this hairdo (which looks like a hybrid between a bun, knot, and chignon), can be created by applying volumising foam on properly-washed, damp hair and then blow-drying it. Then put your hair up on the back of your head in a circle, pinning them on other strands of your hair to secure them properly.

The ‘40s Hair

The deep side part and glossy finish give structure to the classic ringlets of this hairdo. Creating them requires the use of a small curling iron, beginning many inches away from the part and ensuring that the top stays smooth. The curls are then brushed out to achieve an airy texture.
Headband from Outta Nowhere

Judging from the name of this style, it involves the placement of a headband on a different part of the hair other than the crown. To pull off this look, it is best to gather your hair to create a low and loose chignon first. Then put a decorated headband above it.

Half-Back and Sleek

One problem with many half-up styles is that they the portion below the part of the hair being worked on looks skimpy. To solve this problem, draw a 30/70 ratio. Achieving the thirty percent of the ratio requires that you draw a line from one ear to the other, ensuring that it crosses the top part of your head.

Once you have done this, iron the hair to set it straight, and then pull some (the designated thirty percent) and secure it using a leather ponytail holder. Finish the look by shine-spraying your hair.

Glossy Waves

To achieve smooth and shiny waves, it is important to have a styling product which encourages the development of curls and holds them together. One good example is mousse, which, when applied, makes the cuticles thicker and causes the hair texture to change slightly, making hair respond to heat better. Once you have applied the mousse, curl the different sections all over, and then use a wide-toothed comb to deconstruct them. Use a brush for softer curls.

Segmented Ponytail

For those who want to go more extreme with their long hair, you can sport this look. You can divide your long ponytail to as many sections as you want, but remember to stop once you feel stress on your hair. You can, however, prevent your hair from getting stressed by placing clip in or tape in hair extensions before creating the ponytail.

To create this do, just pull the top segment of your hair—from hairline to crown—into a ponytail, then tie it with an elastic band. Once you have done this, loop a tiny portion of hair near the base and secure it with a pin before you repeat the process until you are satisfied with the result. Once you feel satisfied with the result, push the bands up until each segment bulges.

Keep in mind that for a hairstyle to truly match you, a number of factors need to be considered, like the shape of your face and eyes. In order to know which hairstyle really matches you, get solid advice from a skilled and reputable hairstylist. She may recommend to you the use of (clip in or tape in) hair extensions so your hair will look thicker. High-quality extensions can be found here: